Memory Lane: Swindon Town FC away… uhh!

WTTGT Writer: Deano “Never go to Swindon” Cox

So… it’s the time of year when we play 27 games between now and January and moan when the manager changes the team, replacing players in form with iffy reserves, and then wonders why we couldn’t beat Pointless United at home in front of a bumper crowd of men glad to be there, and not “enjoying the sales” with the girlfriend/wife, or both…

I say this friends with a hint of sarcasm of course. Anything that stops me joining queues for stuff I don’t need, don’t want and have no room for is good, and especially not listening to Jonah Lewie trying to stop the cavalry! For God’s sake! Stop the cavalry or don’t bother trying!

I could talk about losing to City which was expected, or beating Villa which was also expected, or the cruddy draw with Wolves, but I want to take you back a few years to a game I went to over the festive period.

Swindon Town away… Oh the image of romance! Outside the County Ground there is possibly eight roundabouts all joined together. There’s one known by locals as “the magic roundabout”, but let me tell you, there wasn’t anything magic about it. It was like crop circles made from concrete! It’s about 10 minutes from the motorway and about 20 minutes to work out a route to get off it! You can’t get to the stadium without using it so I reckon if I was a local, I would just spend my day watching out of towners trying to work out how to get off it! Much more inviting than Swindon Town FC I may add.

So the game… freezing cold, all of us away fans huddled together like penguins at the pole, strangely wearing our Santa hats in the hope they would keep us warm. Why would they? Thin material and a lifespan of 3 days. FAIL!

It was a sell-out of over 20,000 men all hoping their partners couldn’t find the savings and credit cards as they know it would be blitzed within hours in M&S. Like I say, it’s freezing, but it doesn’t matter because it’s live football! Arsenal win 4-0, Kevin Campbell scores three goals and Ian Wright scores a “worldee” as Merse would say, and we all go home happy! The chatter on the way home wasn’t the hat-trick, but the Wrighty goal. Poor Campbell never did quite get the credit at Arsenal that he deserved.

Happy Christmas Everyone!


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