Taking the Tweets: The King Is Back!

WTTGT Writer: Khadeesh Imitiaz

Szczesny – #TheKingIsBack

There were times last week when the news just would not stop coming and there were times when the newspapers went blank and the writers started cooking transfer gossip which was as likely as Almunia coming in to replace Szczesny on his good performances in the training ground (who am I kidding, the chances of that happening are undefined right now).  

As the week began, the King’s Return was the focal point of attention for everyone who watches or admires football (not soccer).  Henry was back with the club he loved and was making his second Arsenal debut in an FA Cup (seriously, who is ignorant enough not to know this?) The Return of the King dominated Twitter as the funny tweets came rolling in. 

Szczesny had the most hilarious tweet ever, “Why is everyone buzzing of Thierry scoring a winner?! Everyone knew it was gonna happen,anyway!!! #TheKingIsBack! ” Jack Wilshere though was buzzing and couldn’t find anything hilarious to write (we don’t fault you, just come back quickly) and posted a picture with the legend ( ).  

Szczesny does it again!!

However, some hilarious and serious tweets did come in late with Szczesny again at the core of it. Ramsey posted a picture of himself playing golf with an anonymous person and Szczesny tweeted, “Not to be rude but you look like a rapist in this picture.“ This post was only up for a while after Szczesny removed the tweet and apologized to Ramsey for it.

 I know this might be a bit disturbing for the children out there but you have to understand that the normal discussion between team mates, if censored, would sound more like a soundtrack than a serious talk. I understand why Szczesny apologized because it didn’t look decent but team-mates are not supposed to be decent to one another. Ramsey recognized this and tweeted, “I try my best mate were not all blessed with a good fashion sense like you. “ 

Now as we move on from upcoming stars to the star of the club- RVP, the star was more than excited about his visit to Dubai and meeting another legend- Maradona. He posted a few pictures of himself and his family with the Legend and tweeted “Maradonaaaaaaaaa!! “  

That’s it from me this week. This is my first article and hopefully things would get even better from now onwards (article-wise and of course Arsenal-wise).


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One Response to Taking the Tweets: The King Is Back!

  1. [email protected] January 30, 2013 at 10:51 am #

    Every minute Szczesny spends tweeting , giving interviews or making ridiculous statements like 'Arsenal are as good as any big club in Europe on the training pitch' , is time wasted. He should be working on his kicking game which is piss poor , or on his judgement when to come out and when to stay. Chasing opposing players ( Demba Ba )outside of his penalty area is not a winning proposition. His shot stoping ability is the only thing worth talkin about, but I guess the apple doesn't fall far from the tree , seeing as his boss and mentor Wenger is the king of ridiculous statements . Coming in fourth is not like winning a trophy , but it is a kiss of death to players ambitions and motivation to win actual trophy. As for how good Arsenal training sessions are – Fabregas said it best upon arriving at Barca . He said Barca's training sessions were far more intense , intricate and purposeful ,and it would take him some time to get used to what was required from him. Now I know Szczesny is still young and he will improve, but I wish he would do more talking on the pitch to his back line than on twitter .

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