A message to you RVP

I’m sure you all want Robin Van Persie to stay at Arsenal as much as I do.
A lot has been said in both the media and on blog sites about the Dutchman’s future, although nothing has been decided and sorted yet.
Rather than blog about it, our new writer Bakare Ummukulthoum took a different approach to expressing his views on the matter.
I have always wondered about the time
And never really had a clue
But already it is gut wrenching to come up with the rhyme
And I just can’t help feeling blue…
Dear Robin,
I am writing you this small note
Not just to ask how you have been
But to gather the right words to quote
All that lies in my thoughts; deep within…
We have come a really long way together
And I am certain the ARSENAL fans will agree
Now the decision time for either one or the other
We are all patiently waiting to see…
There has been lots of ups and downs
In no small measures we all can deduce
And through it all; the smiles and frowns
Our love for you did not fail, nor reduce
It is a long time to wait for silverware
And it hurts as well to think it through
Deep down we know your heart lies here
And we know in reality, you feel it too
You have always been formidable
In many ways on and off the pitch
Endearing, humble and amicable
And you feel the fans every pain and itch!
I am still struggling to find the apt words
To express what I am trying to say
Some say I should string a tune with vocal chords
And maybe this will help get the message your way
Robin, I don’t want you to leave
Though I wish you well in whatever you choose to do
I strongly and truly believe
Red and white looks really good on you!
Bouchra,Shaqeel and Dina all love it in London
And I am certain you do as well
But will this be enough to get the job done?
Only time will tell…
After all that is said and done
I hope you’ll stay to win the much desired silverware
And not decide yet to move on
To continue your brilliance elsewhere…
To be continued…


Bakare Ummukulthoum




3 Responses to A message to you RVP

  1. [email protected] July 3, 2012 at 1:03 pm #

    I wish RVP good lucky regardless whatever his conclusion… He should always remember that we (fans) kept the Faith with him during his days of Injuries… This has been his best season for Arsenal FC… RVP, always in our Heart…

  2. [email protected] July 3, 2012 at 2:48 pm #

    If people want to write poetry, please learn better English. I had to read each line 3-4 times just to make some sense from them. Some lines still make no sense. I just went back to pull an example and it's just too painful to read.

    “There has been lots of ups and downs
    In no small measures we all can deduce”

    Excruciating written English is corrected here->

    “In no small measure there has been ups and downs” Write either “no small measure” OR “lots” … You can't have both, they mean the same thing and it just makes things appear repeated.

    Forget completely the “we all can deduce” … besides it being insulting to Van Persie and besides the correct way of writing it being “We can all deduce” …. you don't speak for ALL of us Arsenal fans. Don't use the word “all”.

    If English is not your first language which seems possible to me, why are you even attempting to write poetry? – It's impossible, regardless of how many people lie to you about your attempts being good. They do you a disservice. Constructive criticism like mine encourages you to try try harder instead of making you think you are already good.

    Best regards

  3. denis July 3, 2012 at 9:50 pm #

    arsenal1Again, you are an ass hole. Are u an english teacher ?

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