Are Arsenal a Premier League team with a Non League Medical Team?

Yes this subject has been starting to get under my skin and once I analysed it and made active comparisons it dawned on me where we have to lay some of the blame for no trophies in seven years!

After going to the States and South Africa and been a typical sports mad bloke, I started looking at some major sporting codes and looking at similar injuries, treatment methods and outcomes.

To re-iterate I am no Dr but common logical applies when in Baseball, Football, American Football and Rugby the most common injury shared by these sporting codes are Knee Ligaments injuries (Cruciate, Medial, you get my drift)

Then looking at the most physical and robust legal sport of them all and we’ll park Cage Fighting for another day – Rugby was very interesting especially the Springboks and what I noticed was firstly the medical team for the Springboks and how they prepare the Players for impact (Neck and Back strengthening) and their accuracy at determining long term injuries with rehabilitation must be the surely one of the best in the world and in Cape Town they have a sports science institute where they have air compression and decompression chambers makes you think that they take it seriously…

Let’s take an example, Schalk Burger (IRB player of the Year) cracked a vertebrae in his neck the Springbok medical team immediately told the press within three weeks he would be out of rugby for ten months and they would need to fuse two vertebrae together to make it stronger.

He was up on his feet and playing contact rugby in ten months.

There are many more examples but the main point I am trying to convey is that Rugby is much more physical than Football in terms of contact and the accuracy and preparation of the medical team is key to the success for team trying win a trophy.

Arsene Wenger said that because Arsenal dominate possession our injuries will always be higher which in some respects this is true but why not train accordingly (Please Steve Bould rough them up a bit) and with regard to accurate diagnosis we have to be brutally honest here and the Gunners Medical team are poor.

Thomas Vermaelen – Was diagnosed of a small ankle problem, he was promised to return in February and Wenger listened and didn’t buy Gary Cahill (It costs us the league with inexperience at the back)

Robin Van Persie – Got injured on International duty again came January, he was going to be fit… and when we were pushing for the league we had to rely on the finishing ability of Nicklas Bendtner and the pace-less Eduardo (No Guess in how that finished up..)

Jack Wilshere – He was meant to return in January 2012 again he suffered a “lapse” cost England and Arsenal dearly….

I can carry on with sick note Abou Diaby and Bacary Sagna, Carl Jenkinson,etc

Obviously with the human body we can never predict injury and outcomes 100% but in today’s world where we have the specialists and other sporting codes are far more accurate and advance than the medical team at Arsenal why not invest some money into acquiring the best specialists in the field as accurate diagnosis will give Wenger the info he desperately needs to know.

Again Arsenal management have let this slip up, we can understand one incorrect diagnoses but getting three long term injuries wrong is massive we have such great training and rehabilitation facilities but do we have the correct medical staff in the right areas to ensure we have accurate diagnosis and preparation for the long gruelling season ahead that I am not confident of and certain aspects it’s almost as good as having a new £25m signing in your squad.

Carlos De Lima

2 Responses to Are Arsenal a Premier League team with a Non League Medical Team?

  1. [email protected] July 5, 2012 at 10:24 am #

    Absolutely well put. I have been saying it for years now!
    Here in South Africa we get serious Rugby injuries, but our Management come out and tell
    us 6weeks for example and true as nuts, 6 weeks later the player is available.
    this leaves TWO conclusions,
    1) The rugby management respect us and don't lie to our faces where as AFC has lied many times to us as fans!! (This is a FACT)
    2) The rugby medical staff know what the hell they are doing, whereas at AFC i cant believe that a club with all this money resources and some of the best university's in the world cant get it right.

    So my opinion is wake up and step up to the plate else be shipped off. there are way to many educated and equipped people out there that are either unemployed or in a job that doesn't utilizes their ability properly in this economic status of the world for us to be putting up with this in our club.

  2. Clintm15 July 5, 2012 at 11:04 am #

    I completely agree.

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