Liverpool move could be just what Theo needs

Hear me out. When Theo Walcott first arrived at Arsenal from Southampton he was billed as the next big thing.

I know he is only 23 and has a few years to go before he hits his prime but for me he hasn’t yet developed into the top level player we all hoped he would become.

Arsene Wenger is a manager known to put his faith in young players and if you’re good enough to play for Arsenal you get a game irrespective of your age.

Walcott is operating primarily on the wing for Arsenal, a frustrating position for a player who has come out publicly and said he wants to be playing up front.

The finish for his first goal against Reading in the cup would suggest he has every right to request a chance to show what he can do further up the pitch.

But all too often, and I know many Arsenal fans will agree, Walcott blows hot and cold in a match. A five minute cameo demonstrating his fantastic pace and ability on the ball are then overshadowed for long periods of anonymity as he goes missing in a game.

He has the skill and the potential to develop into a truly great player but I think what Walcott needs is a change of scenery.

Perhaps at Arsenal he has been allowed to slip into his comfort zone, and a new challenge to spur him on and hopefully bring the best out of him might just be what he needs.

Step forward Liverpool.

Brendan Rodgers is apparently lining up a £10m move for the forward in January as he seeks to bolster his wafer-thin attacking options.

With fan favourite Luis Suarez the only recognised striker in the Reds squad a move to Anfield would see Walcott get the opportunity he craves up front.

This coupled with the stalled negotiations on Walcott’s new contract could see him move in the January window as Arsenal try to avoid losing him at the end of the season for nothing with his current contract due to expire.

Some might argue that Theo is being selfish haggling over a new contract and demanding more time in the strikers role, Arsenal were of course the team that signed him as a precocious 16 year old and nurtured him into the player he is now.

But, sentiment aside, if he truly sees himself as a striker and feels he isn’t being given a fair crack of the whip at Arsenal then maybe he should seek a move.

And maybe, just maybe, swapping London for Liverpool might just give Walcott the impetus he needs to turn him into the player we all hoped he would become 7 long years ago.

Robert Lock

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