The progression of Aaron Ramsey

Aaron Ramsey’s game for Wales against Scotland ended in slightly bizarre circumstances on Friday night.

With Wales holding onto a slim 2-1 lead at Hampden Park Ramsey was trying to hold onto the ball and see out the game to secure a crucial victory for a Bale-less Wales.

Ramsey held on too long, though, conceded possession but he committed the most professional of professional fouls by hauling down the Scotland player to ensure they did not have clear cut goal scoring chance.

Ramsey was sent off as he was already on a yellow card but his quick thinking secured all three points Wales and was evidence of the young man’s footballing IQ. He also scored a penalty under immense pressure that displayed Ramsey’s developing maturity for both club and country.

Arsena lfans love to blame Ramsey when things start to go wrong and the Welshman can be careless in possession but there is no denying that he works extremely hard all over the pitch for his team. Remember, too, that Ramsey’s leg was snapped in two by Ryan Shawcross so he has had to overcome significant psychological and physical setbacks.

Arsenal legend Liam Brady has stated that Ramsey sometimes over thinks things when he is on the ball when, of course, he should just let it flow and keep it simple. In recent performances for Arsenal, though, he has shown that he is capable of  this and his showings have improved culminating in outstanding efforts against Bayern Munich, Swansea and now Scotland.

It’s easy to forget that Ramsey is only 22 and still has so much time to improve and develop into the world class midfielder Arsene Wenger clearly thinks he can be.

Ramsey is a brilliant talent and as he continues to learn about the game and ‘keep things simple’ the better he will become. He is part of Arsenal’s British core and his progression will be most intriguing. Watch this space.

Jerry van Wav

4 Responses to The progression of Aaron Ramsey

  1. Michael Konzon March 25, 2013 at 9:44 am #

    So you are saying he is highly intelligent for fouling someone? He shouldn't have dwelt on the ball, something he dos far too regularly and proves costly. A liability!

  2. Rob Craig March 25, 2013 at 9:53 am #

    I agree with the last reader. He only made the foul because of his carelessness at what was a crucial time in the game. Happens all too often with him. It's got to the point where his horrific injury can no longer keep being used as an excuse. I know it was a bad one but it baffles me that he keeps somebody like rosicky out of the team, who has genuine class

  3. [email protected] March 25, 2013 at 9:54 am #

    What? Sticking up for Ramsey? He has been personally chosen as 'he who should be blamed' by all the qwerty experts!! Cue pitchforks and abuse.

  4. bc March 25, 2013 at 10:26 am #

    at 22 years of age ramsey is every bit as good as the romford pele was at the same age. the unfortunate thing for ramseyis he was hought in with a hefty price tag. he then suffered the leg break and the death of his pal and mentor gary speed in such tragic circumstances. on top of this the 4231 does not really suit ramsey just like it doesnt suit sagna vermaelen wilshire and podolski and one or two others. i still think if we played a 442 with ramsey as our new parlour with jack and mikel in the centre and santi on the left as our new bobby pires it woud be an awesome midfield. theo giroud poldi and gerv battling for the spots up top whilst the ox coquelin diaby rosicky would also be a good midfield back up. this would give greater cover to the back 4 too. one or 2 high profile additions in each area of the park and we would have a squad capable of the challenge. please wenger go 442 for the sake of the players the fans and the empty trophy cabinet!

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