Arsenal rule out midfielder return

Alex Song might have thought that Arsene Wenger would be with him in regards to turning the clock back and bringing him back to the Emirates, however The Metro are reporting that the Arsenal boss will not be facilitating any reunion between the player and club meaning he had best get searching for a pair of magic red shoes if he wants to come home.

It would seem that Wenger is very much in the you made your bed so you lie in it gang, with him advising his ex midfielder to stick it out and prove himself at Barcelona. So whilst Song may not be enjoying life in Catalonia he will not singing anytime soon at the Emirates.

Initially Song’s move raised more than a few eyebrows and his game time has been limited, with in typical fashion for  a holding player at Barcelona most of his games coming at centre back. Like several Arsenal players who have left the nest over the last few years he has discovered that the grass is actually not greener away from the Emirates, whilst you do have to question how good Song thinks he is if he was expecting constant starts.

Yes you can’t knock his desire and who is going to turn down Barcelona when they come calling, but if you offered Song a time machine service he would more than likely be looking for the Emirates button in a shot. That looks unlikely for now although he should take comfort in his ex manager backing him to come good and who knows if he struggles again Wenger might just open his wings and welcome him back once this lesson has been learnt.

Matt Carter

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