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It’s all in our hands (again…)

So after a nail-biting
week wondering what was going to happen in the midweek game between Chelsea and
Tottenham Hotspur, it actually turned out not to be the total disaster that it
could have been with a draw. That means in simple terms, it is back in our hands and we control our own
destiny (again) without being reliant on results elsewhere going in our favour.
I said three months ago I would settle for fourth place and despite many seeing
it as a defeatist approach, we would all settle for that now… surely?

So here is
how things stand today…

Position           Team               Pld       GD       Pts

     2                 Man
City         36        +31      75

     3                 Chelsea           36        +34      69

4                 ARSENAL        36        +31      67

     5                 Spuds               36        +18      66

     6                 Everton            36        +14      60

Discount second
and sixth place, we are only concerned with finishing in the top four, but interestingly,
if Spuds were to lose both of their games (which I am sure they won’t) and
Everton were to win both of theirs (with one of their games away to Chelsea),
then Everton could finish in fifth place, but then again, David Moyes has never
won a game at Chelsea! However, I am sure that Mr Moyes will be all hyped up
and want to go out with the best possible results before taking up the mantle
of ‘Fergie’s Bitch’ at Old Trafford.
Perhaps I am being a tad unkind. Nah, I think that is probably spot on!

There are
many permutations as to how things will pan out, but it is really simple. WIN our two remaining games, and who
cares what else happens. I believe, (forgive the ‘Wengernism’) although many say I am way off, the Spuds will drop
points against Stoke City. I fancy a Stoke 2 – 1 Spuds score line. I don’t see
Chelsea losing to Aston Villa, but who knows? We play Wigan Athletic on Tuesday
night as our last home game of the season, and although I believe (ooops, there
I go again) Wigan will get annihilated by Manchester City in the FA Cup Final,
they will definitely be up for a scrap on Tuesday night. Their whole Premier
League survival may just (and probably will be) reliant upon it. Depending on
how Arsene Wenger lines things up and whether he sticks win the team that beat
Queens Park Rangers, or decides to change it around, will of course be the key
factor. Again there is no Olivier Giroud who will be sitting out his final
match of a three-match ban, so do you start with Lukas Podolski up top, or
bring (heaven forbid) Gervinho back in for a start with Theo Walcott on the
right and Santi Cazorla on the left?

(sorry Michael,
@mj_afc), I would start Tomas Rosicky
in the middle, along with Aaron Ramsey and Mikel Arteta. I would bring Jack
Wilshere on in the second half if we need him, but I really do feel that TR7
has done a good job and we do look a more attack minded team going forward when
he plays. Many will disagree, but the reality is that it may well be his last
season in an Arsenal shirt if you believe the reports that he wants guaranteed
first team football week in week out and is on his way without it, so let’s use

I see
Tuesday’s game as a tense affair, but with a 2-1 win for the Gunners (usual 80th
minute plus stuff!) – Let’s hope I am wrong and it is a complete walkover!

So, having severely
bent the ear of Andy (@yorkshiregunner)
our Gunners Town Tipster,
I managed to get some decent long odds from him on a win/score double bet.

Stoke 2-1
Spuds on Sunday                

Arsenal 2-1 Wigan on Tuesday          Win double, Odds of

A potential
return of £110-00 for a £1-00 bet – Got to be worth a fiver or even a tenner don’t
you think?

Wenger pays tribute to Ferguson

With the
news of Sir Alex Ferguson’s retirement on Thursday, Wenger was quick to pay
tribute to his greatest rival during his time at Arsenal. Whether you admire
Ferguson, or simply can’t stand him, there is no doubt what he has achieved as
a manager at Manchester United is certainly very impressive – a total of 38
trophies during his time in charge at Old Trafford. Every Gooner would like some of that, no matter what we think of the Mancs!

Wenger said on the Arsenal
, “It is
difficult to imagine English football without him, but it’s now a reality and a
fact. Of course the next manager has to fill in and show he has the dimension
to do that. It is a big task for the guy who comes in.”

He went on to say…”I would just like to pay tribute to an
unbelievable achievement and a fantastic career. Basically the achievement is
immaculate, when you look at the whole structure and consistency of the
achievement. It is, of course, something exceptional.”

No matter the discontent that many Arsenal
supporters may have with Manchester United, Sir Alex Ferguson will probably go
down in history as one of the best mangers in the game during our lifetime. Now
we just have ‘Fergie time’ to look
forward too. Haha! – Is Howard Webb retiring?


There has
been plenty of speculation yet again floating about this week both in the media
and as always, awash on Twitter about who we are going to buy in the close
season. From David Villa (again) to Wayne Rooney (really?) – Ashley Williams,
Isco from Malaga, and numerous goalkeepers with there being too many to
mention. Even Marouane Fellani was put into the mix, although that is now
highly unlikely with David Moyes making the short trip across the Mersey to Manx
town and almost certain to take him with him, bearing in mind Fellani’s release

I intend to
get into the transfer ‘Rumour Mill’
in greater detail next week’s column, bearing in mind it will be the final
weekend of the season.

If it’s not worth knowing… Jeremy knows it!

So, despite
the constant piss taking I have endured from @goonerdave66, I have decided to
post each week ‘useless facts’ that
are really of no importance to most, but some may be interested. Dave came up
with the title for this section, so you can blame him!

Did you know? Whether it is winter or summer,
raining or snowing, Arsenal Football Club does pride themselves on their
appearance on the pitch. As such, every player (and substitute) all wear the
same type of shirt, either long sleeve or short sleeve shirts. There is never a
mixture of long sleeve or short sleeve. Never noticed? The captain makes the
decision what type of shirt the team will wear and everyone has to follow suit.
Have a look at the next game and you will see!

If you have
any ‘useless facts’ about either the
team or the club, then please let me know and I will gladly post them in this
section… The wackier the better! – Tweet me @jeremylebor

Last Word

So that’s
your lot for this week, and let’s hope for a Spuds loss (or draw) on Sunday,
followed by three points for the Arsenal on Tuesday night. If Spuds actually do
lose or draw or Sunday, then we can afford to drop a couple of points at
Newcastle United on the last game of the season (assuming we win on Tuesday). If
that were to happen, how poetic would
it be that Champions League qualification came down to goal difference. Better
than ‘Lasagnegate.’ Dish served cold
and all that as the saying goes. With the goal difference as it stands today
when writing this article, even Gareth Bale can’t score 14 goals in one match!

Lastly, I
was going to post something about ‘Rooney’, but I have decided against it, as
you’re in for treat that you really don’t want to miss in a couple of hours
here on, courtesy
of @_wright7 from the ‘Wacky
World of Wrighty7’

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who follow me on twitter (@jeremylebor),
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days, (yup, I’ve now got a new iphone!)
most of us can access social media in a heartbeat, so there is no excuse! – For
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So, now you
know the score… until next week – Jeremy!

Jeremy Lebor

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