WengerBall vs Chu-Young Parklife

With 10 days between games, The Sunday
Morning Gooner’s mind begins to wander off at a tangent….

(No change there really!) I began thinking of
the polarized views many supporters have on Arsene Wenger and Arsenal and for
some reason this popped into my head.

battle of the Band (Wagon)

WengerBall Vs Chu-Young Park-life

First, we have WengerBall.

This year was gonna be our year, then you went and sold you know who. By now we still can’t believe how he left us for Man U. I don’t believe that anybody could disrespect the club that much now.

Downbeat? The word was on the street, was that The Arsenal fire was out. I know we’ve heard it all before and that Champions League was in doubt. I don’t believe that anybody believes in The Arsenal like you do now .

And all the runs that Santi makes are winding. And all the passes Wilshere makes are blinding. There are many things that I would Like Arsenal to do, Please show us how.

Because maybe, Arsene’s gonna be the one that saves me. Cos after all, you invented WengerBall.

Next year is gonna be the year, if
what they say is true. By now you should’ve somehow
there a lot of work to do. I don’t believe that anybody knows
Arsenal like you do now.

The quality of the squad we have is
climbing. The money that we have to spend is
There are many players that I would
recommend to you, spend? Do you know how? 

I said maybe, Arsene’s gonna be the one that saves
Cos after all, you invented WengerBall.

And now, Chu-Young Park-life.

Success is a preference for the
habitual voyeur of what is known as (Chu-Young Park-life) Fourth-place trophies can be avoided if you take a route straight
through what is known as 
(Chu-Young Park-life)

Stan’s got loads of loot but he gets
intimidated by the Oligarchs and Sheiks, they all avoided it (Chu-Young Park-life) 
Is that Arshavin’s gut showing… you should cut down on your porklife
mate… get some exercise.

of trophies. Big
lack of trophies, 
it all down to living in, living in a Chu-Young Park-life.

what I mean Squillaci
gets up when he wants, every day of the week, cos he doesn’t train with the
first team (Chu-Young Park-life) 
He puts his tracksuit on, has a cup
of tea and remembers he don’t need to leave the house (Chu-Young Park-life) 

meets Chamakh, he sometimes meets Santos too, they talk about their enormous
good living (Chu-Young Park-life) and then they are happy for the rest
of the day, safe in the knowledge there will always be a big pay cheque and
nothing to do for it. (Chu-Young Park-life)

of trophies. Big
lack of trophies, 
it all down to living in, living in a Chu-Young Park-life. 

It’s all about player ability and technic you know. And
it’s not about buying players who hang around & around & around……

of trophies. 
lack of trophies, 
it all down to living in, living in a Chu-Young Park-life.

Steve Wellman

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