GT Special… Members Day at Emirates! – Fifth or Filth?

Players emerge from the tunnel!

Welcome to another week of “What’s the score?!” – This week I am not writing a normal blog, simply reporting on
Thursday’s events at
‘Members Day’ at
the Emirates…

Players warming up
before training!


Prior to the open training
session, The Hawk-Eye goal technology system that is to be used in the
Premier League for the forthcoming 2013/14 season system was unveiled at the
Emirates. Referee Anthony Taylor gave a demonstration of how it will work. The
system operates by making use of multiple cameras placed at each end of the
pitch to ensure referees can be sure if the ball has crossed the line for a
goal. All four match officials will have a wrist watch that displays the word
‘Goal’ on it for around six seconds. Additionally, via the ear piece in each of
the official’s ears, the words… “Goal,
Goal, Goal”
will be heard. For further information and a short video
demonstration, please click here.

Aerial Contest…

Training Session…

As is now
customary, Arsenal Football Club held a ‘Members
for supporters. Fans had the opportunity of witnessing the players
train openly on the Emirates pitch. There were stretching exercises, keepie-uppies,
and a short game across the pitch. I was invited by a shareholder to attend as
his guest (Thanks Steve), and viewed the proceedings from ‘club level’ in the East Stand. How the other half live! – It was
also an opportunity to meet various people from twitter who were present too,
and at long last I was able to put faces to names. Too many to mention on here,
but it was really nice to meet you all. We all share one love… ARSENAL!

Theo takes on Junior

Gunners take on the first team!

So in what
was a novel idea, the first team took on numerous Junior Gunners all at once in
a game! Theo had the ball taken off of him by a toddler, which was funny, and he
resorted to picking up the Junior Gunners to get past them… again, funny! Santi
Cazorla even got out an imaginary yellow card for one of them waving it in the

After an
all-out assault, the first team decided the only way to defend was for all of them
to stand in front of the goal, and the Junior Gunners still managed to score…
Steve Bould didn’t seem impressed!

All out Defence!

& A with players…

After a
very enjoyable buffet lunch in the Woolwich Club, courtesy of Arsenal (thanks
guys!) there was then an opportunity for a Q & A session with Mikel Arteta,
Aaron Ramsey, Per Mertesacker, Lukas Podolski and new boy… Gedion Zelalem, who
seems like a nice lad.

There was a
table tennis tournament with players and fans which was humorous. Per and Lukas
are quite competitive with each other!

questions were plentiful, but the highlight was when one fan asked Aaron Ramsey
“What do you think of Tottenham?” The
response was humorous, especially for Ramsey, when he simply said… Fifth! – There was plenty of laughter.
Ironically, although the link has since been removed, it was reported on Thursday night, that the Mail Online reported the Q& A, and in particular, stated
that Aaron Ramsey’s response was Filth,
not Fifth… now that is funny! How could they get that so wrong… or is it so
right? – Judge for yourself?

The player

were asked which player either past or present they would most like to play
with… The answers were varied… Arteta, said Messi. Ramsey said George Best, but
Mertesacker’s answer was brilliant… He said Podolski! – Mertesacker then returned the compliment… and said Podolski… that was even funnier to be honest!

All in all…
an enjoyable day!

Finally, a
huge thank you to @Totteringham
for allowing us to use his quality photographs from the event. Thanks Stuart.

So, now you
know the score… until next week – Jeremy!

Jeremy Lebor

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    lol! Love those germans! A-HA!!!!!

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