The Rambo Quadrilogy: He shoots, He scores, Now no one dies

Rambo – The Early Years

Follow Rambo’s journey from deepest darkest South
Wales to the bright lights of London to start a new career with The Arsenal
and his progression from being the kid who choose Wenger over Fergie, to
becoming only the second player born in the 1990s to score a Champions League

Rambo 2 – The Shawcross

It could so easily all ended on 27th Feb 2010.
Witness the horror, the treachery and the final proof that Stoke Rugby Club
players and fans are indeed the scum of the earth. 

Rambo 3 – The Curse

Watch Rambo rebuild his career and the birth of
the now infamous ‘Curse of Rambo’.  

Also look on in disbelief as some of the once
faithful followers of Rambo, turn on him, having conveniently forgotten the
short term effects of the ‘Shawcross Intervention’. 

Oh yea of little faith and short

Rambo 4 – Reborn

In the latest installment, Rambo forms an elite
partnership with MA8 to ensure The Arsenal complete the 12/13 season 10 games
unbeaten and propel them to a 16th Champions League campaign 

Then follow Rambo, as he continues his
outstanding form into season 13/14, earring rave reviews on his way
to a season goal scoring record (after only 6 games). 

To be continued…

TheSundayMorningGooner: at a cinema near you 😉

 Steve Wellman

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