Far Side View: Are You A “Grade A” Arse?

Following the apparent popularity of The Arsenal Citizenship Test, I thought I’d give a monthly Arsenal quiz a go.

This months results will be graded as follows:

0 to 5: Dumb Arse

6 to 10: ‘Arf An Arse

11 to 15: Smart Arse

16+: Grade A Arse

Please let the @GunnersTown team know how you fared, so we can all see how much of a Gooner you really are.

So without further ado, TheSundayMorningGooner in association with Gunners Town, brings you the inaugural –

The Far Side Q (& A)

Answers are at the end, so no cheating & no googling, You’ll let me down, you’ll let the team down, but worst of all, you’ll let yourself down.

1. Two players have scored hat-tricks on their full league debuts for The Arsenal, name them?

2. In the 1980 FA Cup Semi final, second replay vs Liverpool, Alan Sunderland set what record?

3. In 1949 Freddie Cox was the first to?

4. Henry’s famous celebration, but who were the opposition?

5. On 14th Dec. 1935, Ted Drake set an English record of scoring all of The Arsenal 7 goals in a 7-1 victory over who?

6. Who am I?

7. The Arsenal played Hapoel Tel Aviv on the 19th September 1951 at Highbury. What was unique about this game?

8. When doing Sky Sports ‘Fans Commentary’ on the 2002 FA Cup final, who famously said “Oh it’s ok, it’s only Ray Parlour”?

9. Who missed the final penalty in the shoot out, in the 1980 European Cup Winners’ Cup Final, consigning Arsenal to a 5-4 defeat?

10. Who’s jaw did Paul Davis break with one punch in the 1988 match vs Southampton?

11. What was the last season we didn’t celebrate St Totteringham Day?

12. Which seasons did Arsenal play their Champions League matches at Wembley?

13. What was the original name of ‘Arsenal’ tube station?

14. And what year was it changed to ‘Arsenal’?

15. Arsenal were the first team to do what in 1993?

16. Arsenal have been in the English top flight since?

17. Who came on as subs for Arsenal On that infamous day at Anfield in 1989?

18. Which 4 permanent Arsenal managers have received honours from the Queen?

19.Who am I? (Clue: I did a blog about him earlier this year)

20.Was your father alive the last time the Spuds won the league?




1. Ian Wright vs Southampton; 28/09/91; Jermain Pennant vs Southampton; 07/05/03

2. Fastest FA Cup goal, timed at 13 seconds.

3. Transfer from Spurs to The Arsenal

4. Leeds United, FA Cup 3rd Round, 9th Jan 2012

5. Aston Villa

6. Willie Young

7. The first major senior fixture to be played under floodlights

8. Tim Lovejoy

9. Graham Rix

10. Glenn Cockerill

11. 1994/95

12. 1998/1999 & 1999/2000

13. Gillespie Road

14. 1932

15. League Cup and FA Cup Double

16. 1919

17. Perry Groves and Martin Hayes

18. Tom Whittaker (MBE), Billy Wright (CBE), Bertie Mee (OBE), Arséne Wenger (OBE)

19. Stan Charlton

20. Probably not 🙂 everyone gets one point!!!


The Sunday Morning Gooner: when you know, you know.

Please enjoy, comment, share & follow @wellmington & the team @GunnersTown

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