Me, Internationals, Tiki-Taka, and talking crappa !!

Well I haven’t got a lot to talk about really (haha famous last words).. Just a few bits and bobs to brush over, a little bit of house-keeping. Of course I could talk about the weekends action, except I find that I revert to making goo goo noises when I watch or talk about it, like adults hovering round a newborn baby “aw coo chee goo goo gaga”, or the way grown men coocheecoo at puppie, it was that good, and cute too, a jot to have been in the stadium to witness, but more on it later. We’ve had the internationals, oh the joy, that 2 week break in club football, which seems like an eternity, and gives time for non-stories and hints of the bad times raise their heads again, saw little hints of the abuse, slagging and snearing, divisions, etc. appear, that we got so used to at the end of last season, and all through the summer. That’s what happens I guess when we haven’t got our Arsenal to keep us purring, as they have done so far this season.

The internationals ( I know a lot of people love them, I personally don’t, well not at this time of a season anyway.. but if you enjoy them, fair play, I’m not slagging you, I’m slagging the internationals themselves.).. What did we learn/see? Well probably the best Arsenal related things that happened were Giroud getting his brace, including a devine little lob, thus probably definitely declaring himself France’s no.1, thus ousting Benzema, and keeping his confidence sky high – oh how times change so quickly, especially under the guidance of Le Prof.

Secondly, the emergence of the next great English prodigy/saviour – Townsend…. Fair play to him he’s doing well, World Class ?? Hold onto your trunks for a second.. It’s 2 games/a week for fuck sake.. You can’t even grow a world class beard in that amount of time, so I won’t be calling anyone World Class after that amount of time. But he certainly has taken the weight of the whole English nation off the shoulders of our boy Jack, and it certainly seems to be showing.

I nearly got driven to murder, upon hearing Yogi Leuw left Ozil on for so long in a meaningless match, even moving him up front with 25 mins remaining, only for him to get a slight knock on his knee.. Yogi doesn’t realise how close he came to losing a bollock on that night, the cross between a wannabe Dick Dasterdly crossed with your man from Suede, that looks like he’s sneaked in and stolen Roy Orbisons hair from his grave…

Dick_Dastardly   +   suede   + Roy+Orbison++2+PNG

Then we had Roy Hodgson and the 3 lions. I myself actually like Roy, he doesn’t go for the big names, he picks on form of a player. Well apart from Gerrard/Lampard for their experience. Example none more than The Ox, who was barely playing for us, but starting the whole time for Engerland, as he saw his potential. And suited the style he wanted to play, he’s done the same with Townsend too, so hats off to him – too many players got too comfortable in their positions for too long, without feeling any pressure of losing their place, for too long, so he’s shaken that up a bit, and it leaves the door open for so many more between now and the summer, world cup. We can benefit from this too, seeing as Theo who already seemed to be behind The Ox, now also has Townsend to get past too. Not saying Theo won’t go to the world cup, but if he wants to play and not just visit, then he’s going to have to up his game, roll his sleeves up and get stuck in, which can only benefit us in the long run. So fair play to Hodgson, but no matter what I can’t get this picture out of my head every time I think of Roy.


Anyway what bodes well, is that we’ve just put a performance like that in AFTER an International break, always an Achilles heel in the past, so more progress and growth being shown in that area too – another box ticked.

So, as I said there’s not much to talk about, apart from the obvious, the tiki-taka, and Ramseyism’s, Ozildrools, and Giroud-hardons, but I’m sure it’s been blogged to bits at this stage, so there’s no real need to go back over it again….or….will I…..Can I pleeeease…no I won’t, but I will definitely go watch it again, and I plead with everyone else to. That MotD highlights reel is the new Xanax, even better for lifting a mood, as they said of us before, “here’s a side, bringin a smile back to the face of football”, mmmmmm so much better than the doom and gloom that they were shiting out of them up til a few weeks back. Feck it – jjust one thing about the game – has to be this –

The Ramsey Aftermath : bodies everywhere…

The Ramsey Aftermath: Bodies Everywhere

The Ramsey Aftermath: Bodies Everywhere

Anyway I see a lot of the players complimenting the fans lately, Per, Jack, etc. and even Arteta saying how hard it had been trying to play in a cauldron of fear over the last year or two. We’ve been saying it for quite a while, but I must say, after being at the last two games, the difference is amazing between the feelings and atmosphere between last year and this one. Jaysus there’s people buying you a drink these days, when last year they’d turn your drink sour with a mere stare. Oh I forgot Ozil too, saying he got goosebumps hearing his name being sang – a nostalgic rendition of “walking in an Ozil wonderland” broke out, underlining the Bergkamp comparisons.. aww the joy..

So lets keep it up everybody. Lets keep giving the fella goosebumps, make him walk off the pitch at the end of each game looking like a goggly eyed sea urchin.

One final thing though, my fear. My fear for two draws in a row or lord forbid a defeat. All this new found confidence worries me a little, as it can be fragile, especially amongst our support. One defeat and armeggeddon could insue. The same people who were lambasting the club and calling Wenger senile and demented only weeks ago are now saying we’re going to win the league. Now I say enjoy it while It’s happening, but let’s keep the feet firmly on the ground. We’ve played fuck all yet. Swansea and Spuds being our hardest tests so far. So with that in mind and the memory of West Brom nearly tearing us a new arsehole, I say just hold onto your cacks for a few weeks and see how we get on against Pool, Utd etc. Then we’ll know more. A victory versus Utd could have the same effect as the one in the 98 season, the win at Highbury, that finally clicked the ‘let’s get excited’ button. As you know I’m positive even in the lowest of times, but let’s not tempt fate everyone, it’s only 8 games, lets just enjoy the trip, but I’m still keep the faith, all the same.


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