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Arsenal 2-3 Crystal Palace – Emery schooled by Grandpa Roy as Gunners trip in Top 4 chase [Review + Player Ratings]

Arsenal 2-3 Crystal Palace Premier League Review     Our top four hopes have been dented, and in some ways shattered. Roy Hodgson has proven he’s no dead/joke manager since his game plan worked a treat. And despite Manchester United and Spurs losing, we couldn’t capitalise on their failures. We failed just as much. This […]

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England v Portugal - International Friendly

Jack Wilshere not being fit just one of the lessons England never learn from

I have had this blog tooling around in my head for a while and my apologies for being away, but there has not been much for me to write about, with England mostly being dissected to death on the news websites. But this is a blog more about England and not Arsenal. As an England […]

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Is it time for Arsenal to say ‘Cheerio to Theo?’ – The Walcott Conundrum Part 1

Before reading this article might I ask that you please take off your red and white spectacles and try to be objective rather than allow your loyalty to the club and our players to cloud your view. Weighing up a conundrum is never easy, especially when so many variables apply. In the case of a […]

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England Training Session and Press Conference

Cashley Cole – We loved him, we hate him, we made him, we grudgingly respect him, but Hodgson don’t ignore him

When I hear the name ‘Ashley Cole’ I shudder. I shudder harder than the time I went out in the snow wearing nothing but fishnet tights and a string vest. Everyone else was shuddering when they saw me too. Can’t think why. That name, Ashley Cole, tears me up. I hate the little bastard. Hate […]

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Me, Internationals, Tiki-Taka, and talking crappa !!

Well I haven’t got a lot to talk about really (haha famous last words).. Just a few bits and bobs to brush over, a little bit of house-keeping. Of course I could talk about the weekends action, except I find that I revert to making goo goo noises when I watch or talk about it, […]

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A week and a season to prove money does not always buy success – A touch of the Old School and

​Scott Davis Rants Weekends like the one we’ve just had have been rare in modern day football. We’re at a point now almost whereby whoever spends the most; wins. At times it really has seemed as simple as that.  Sometimes I feel like I no longer know who’s a good manager and who’s not?! Scott […]

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