Do Arsenal just not like England’s Dark Satanic Mills in the North West?

Have the Arsenal had their Achilles heal exposed & severed. 
For all the flair, guile & ability, has the soft underbelly been flipped over & left in the sun to be pecked at by the big team vultures. 
Again, we get on the plane to the North West, to a top 6 contender & boom we implode.
The superstars don’t turn up & Arsenals game falls on its Arse.
Sunday 10th November 2013 – Away to Brand United.
A turgid game, to be fair, neither team turned up, Arsenal were the worst of a bad bunch & we lost 1 nil.
Satanic 1
Saturday 14th December 2013 – Away to Man€he$ter €it¥.
Simples. We were taught a lesson on how to score goals & how not to defend. We flattered to deceive by tempting the fans with some brief glimpses of potential comebacks, but ultimately succumbed to another thumping in Manchester.
Satanic 2
Saturday 8th February 2014 – Away to Liverpool
A game which was over after 20 minutes. The players didn’t get off the bus, the driver left the engine running & The Arsenal left. That was it. The flair players didn’t perform, the battle players didn’t show up, the result & performance was shocking.
Satanic 3
I’m not naming individuals, because they are culpable in differing degrees and as Arsene said;
” Only the fans were good today. The team played in slow motion.”
I’m not blaming transfer policy (although some would have been good) because the teams put out in these games, were / are good enough to get results.
I put it down to 1 of 2 things:
1. We get to the big games & we don’t believe, or
2. We think we just have to turn up, pass it around the opposition, they will be dazzled by our tippy tappy football & we win.
Either way, it’s got to get sorted & quick.
Most sensible Arsenal fans know that we are punching above our weight, but if we have ANY real aspirations of winning our first title in a decade, we cannot rely on beating the ‘little’ teams & hoping results go our way when the big boys play each other.
We’ve got to grow a pair, stand up & be counted, otherwise this season, like many others before, will be over by the end of February.
You don’t win titles by conceding 11 goals in 2 games.
Or maybe we just don’t like the dark satanic mills up north !!!
Dark Satanic Mills
TheSundayMorningGooner: closing my eyes & dreaming it didn’t happen 😉

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