EXCLUSIVE: The phone transcript of the ‘Oliver Giroud’ affair at Arsenal

World Exclusive: Latest News of the World phone tapping tape

Olivier Giroud Sunderland 4-1

TheSundayMorningGooner has been passed a world exclusive. The final phone tap undertaken by the News of the World was passed to me under the table in The London Hotel, Balmain by Geezer down the pub, my reliable supplier…… of information.

The following is a direct transcript of the tape (honestly):

Sunday 16th February 1pm

“Oliver, is that you?”

“Oh, Hi Jennifer, that’s a weird question,”

Where are you?”

“I’m at the game, why?”

“Well, I thought you’d be playing? I was going to leave you a message. You haven’t done anything to upset Arsene have you?”

“Oh, yeah, well, err, no, of course not. You know that young French kid, Yaya, I was telling you about, well, err, yeah, Arsene wanted to give him a run out, you know, to see how things go”

“Oh I just thought it being the FA Cup and all, he’d have wanted to play his best team”

“Well, you know Arsene, always willing to try something different”

“Ok? Speak to you after the game”

Sunday 16th February 4pm


“Yes, mon Cheri”

“Where were you last night?”

“You know where I was last night, sweetie. Where I am before every game, tucked up in bed, err, resting, Arsene’s orders”

“All night? It’s just when I rang you you didn’t answer!!”

“Well, um, well, obviously, I was with Bacary early doors, you know, our pre game ‘Back, Sack & Crack’ ritual and, errr, then, well, um, it was, oh yeah, pasta and chicken with the team and then, a couple of games of FIFA with the boys and then bed, definitely on my own, yeah bed. Why?”

“Oh, I see…….. no, just checking, was worried, as you didn’t answer, speak later”

“Love y…….., oh she’s hung up?”

Monday 17th February 6am

“Olivier? Who’s Celia Kay?”

“Sorry, I didn’t quite catch that, what did you say?”

“Who’s Celia Kay?”

“Never heard of her, why”


“Err, yeah, why?”

“What’s this then?”

Olivier Giroud Paper

“(Shit!!!!) umm, That’s not me?”


“Oh, now I remember now, she wanted me to give her my ………. Autograph, yeah autograph”


“Honestly love, she had my autograph, that was it, it’s all innocent, I did not have sexual relations with that woman”


“Jennifer, are you still there? Jennifer…….?”

Thursday 13th March 8pm

“Oliver, did you speak to him?”

“Yes dear”

“And did you tell him what we agreed?”

“Yes dear”

“And what was that?”

“That my wife has told me that I must get a transfer back to France, otherwise she will divorce me and take me for every penny”


“Good boy. Now run along to bed, I will call you in any hour to check up on you!!”

“Yes dear, sorry, lovely…… oh she’s hung up again”

TheSundayMorningGooner: just passing the info 😉

Steve Wellman

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