Podolski off in the summer, Monreal the new Santos, and Vermaelen heading for Arsenal exit

Questions that need to be answered?


We huffed and we puffed and we blew Wigan’s mud huts down.  It wasn’t convincing but after 120 minutes, it’s the figures in the top left hand corner that matter!

At 5am, after the final whistle and after the team had taken their obligatory celebratory selfie, I was sat on the sofa debating whether to try to get a couple of hours shut eye or just push through till sunrise. The latter being my chosen course of action. I started on my fifth coffee of the morning and began to write. The same four questions kept turning over in my head.

1. Has Lukas Podolski got a future at Arsenal?


2. How crap must left backs in Spain be if Nacho Monreal makes the Spanish squad?

Nacho Monreal 02

3. Why do our keepers, since Jens Lehmann, have a mind melt mid game?

Fab Here

4. What has happened to Thomas Vermaelen?

Thomas Vermaelen 04

In my caffeine-fuelled, hyper state, these were my answers. If you’ve got any further insight, please forward them on. Thanks.

Here’s my go at explaining those questions.

1 -He’s obviously not in Arsene Wenger’s first XI, as he only starts when needs must and when he does start, he is on the peripheries of the game. Popping up to take the odd free kick and then disappearing back to the left wing.

I love his enthusiasm for the club and his love for the fans, but a few cameo appearances as an impact sub doesn’t really cut it for the club or his international expectations

2 – Honestly, I think he’s turning into Andre Santos MK II. His positional sense is poor and he provides very little support going forward, yet he will be going to Brazil in the summer! Go figure!

3 – Manuel Almunia did it on many occasion, Wojciech Szczesny just gets bored and wants to brighten up his afternoon and what the bloody hell Lukasz Fabianski was doing that far out of his box in the second half, god only knows. 

I play in goal. I know it can get tedious sometimes, but with the way we are playing at present, you could be called to guard at any moment. Please concentrate! Thank you.

4 – In his first season at the club he was the best centre back in the league. The media were questioning how he was missed by the ‘big’ clubs and how he ended up at Arsenal. Now the media just question him! 

He’s become slow, he couldn’t read The Beano and he’s lost his Brucie bonus and stopped scoring.

Likelihood of another captain departing this summer? The man from del monte, he say Yes!

PS; Mr. Keane, at least we have a reason to celebrate. Remember, as I said to Mr. Scholes, there’s no trophy for seventh!

TheSundayMorningGooner: checking his bank account to see if he can afford a three-day trip back to the UK for the final.

Steve Wellman

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