Arsene Wenger likely to choose AGAINST signing a NEW STRIKER and instil Yaya Sanogo or Alexis Sanchez as Arsenal’s main man

Olivier Giroud 25

OH MY! Olivier Giroud is out for three months, we are doomed! Let’s ignore the fact that a large chunk of Arsenal supporters called him with some adorable names since the beginning of the season, asking Arsène Wenger to buy any kind of striker to replace that useless guy (I’m being very polite here), and focus on how the Arsenal will look without the Frenchman.

Will Arsène Wenger replace him with a new striker? Will he stick to players currently at the club and ask Alexis Sanchez, Yaya Sanogo, Joel Campbell and Lukas Podolski – assuming he is staying – to do the job?

Personally, I think Arsène Wenger won’t buy unless a very good opportunity comes out.

Shall we win the Champions League play-off and shall a top quality player become available, he could make a move.

I’m thinking about Edinson Cavani, Karim Benzema or Radamel Falcao. If the only players available are Loïc Rémy and Danny Welbeck then I guess it’s better to stay as we are.

We have options on the bench, unfortunately we don’t have a striker able to do what Olivier Giroud does best, and I’m not talking about celebrations or it-was-almost-in expressions for cameras – I am talking about being a proper target man.

He is not my favorite kind of striker but he is definitely good at holding the ball, picking-up team-mates’ runs and creating spaces for others to pop in the box.

None of our other strikers can do it, either because they are not strong enough or because they cannot play with their backs at goal.

Yaya Sanogo is supposed to be Olivier Giroud natural back-up, however the young French fellow looks absolutely raw despite some good potential and personally I wouldn’t like to see him lead our front line for next three months.

What’s next for the Arsenal, then?


Taking for granted the fact that Arsène Wenger won’t bring another striker in, I am afraid that we will need to drastically change our approach in order to cope with the lack of a powerful centre forward.

We will need to exploit our strikers’ skills, which are mainly great movement, runs behind enemy lines and quick counters.

Obviously, I am thinking about Alexis Sanchez, who is likely to become our main man for the coming months: we can’t ask him to hold the ball, fight with centre-backs and do the dirty job Olivier Giroud usually does; when he tried to do it, he failed miserably – like the game at Goodison Park proved.

Basically we must suit to Alexis Sanchez (or Joel Campbell, Lukas Podolski & Co.) style instead of asking him to suit our style.

That’s the tricky point, in my opinion.

I am not sure the team can switch that quickly without losing balance and cohesion, which will put our season in danger already at a very early stage; on the other hand, keep playing the same football we played last season without Olivier Giroud is a big gamble as none can guarantee his presence and effectiveness.

Maybe it’s the good chance to elaborate the famous Plan B which seems to be missing at the Arsenal, the alternate tactical strategy which will make us more dangerous and less predictable.

No more tall strikers to fight for the ball upfront but shorter, quicker forwards ready to elude the offside trap and play 1v1 against goalkeepers – now that’s an exciting perspective!

Imagine Arsène Wenger asking his men to invite opponents outside their half by playing a deep defensive line; imagine Mikel Arteta winning the ball back and feeding Aaron Ramsey whose surging run breaks through midfield; imagine the Welshman picking Mesut Özil in the final third with a sharp pass; imagine the German playmaker escape a tackle and deliver a perfectly-weighted pass to Alexis Sanchez, whose perfectly-timed run clears him for a one-versus-one against the goalkeeper.

The Chilean controls the ball, elude goalkeeper who’s desperately running off his line and slot the ball in the empty goal in front of a rapturous Clock End.

Wow. Just wow.

Will we be able to do that on regular basis?

Andrea Rosati

10 Responses to Arsene Wenger likely to choose AGAINST signing a NEW STRIKER and instil Yaya Sanogo or Alexis Sanchez as Arsenal’s main man

  1. Jason August 28, 2014 at 2:58 pm #

    I think the real need for arsenal right now is still in their defensive midfield role. Alexis is learning to play as a striker and has walcott & Oxe on the wings with özil in the middle. The offense needs more time to play together, but there have already been some glimpses of hope in their play in the first few games. I have faith that they will start to mesh very nicely together. My worry lies in the fact that we have no holding midfielder in between our back 4 and everyone else on the pitch. Even with Arteta healthy we are still lacking there, and Flam’s cover makes us vulnerable to better teams. Chambers can provide some cover there as he did against Bestikas but we need an experienced signing there to play alongside ramsey/wilshere. My preferred lineup once everyone is health would be

    Debuchy Mert Kosc. Gibbs
    Ramsey/wilshere New DM’er
    walcott Oxe/Cazorla

    • AndreaR August 28, 2014 at 3:31 pm #

      Hi Jason,
      That’s quite an interesting line-up. To be honest it’s the same I have in my mind bar the arrival of a new DM. I will be pleased if Wenger adds a new midfielder but I won’t panic if he does not, perhaps I’m too naive.
      If we manage to keep short distances between defence, midfield and attack then it could be very fun; otherwise it will be difficult to exploit our forwards’ skills.
      We’ll see

    • AndreaR August 28, 2014 at 3:35 pm #

      Hi Jason,
      That’s quite an interesting line-up. To be honest it’s the same I have in my mind bar the arrival of a new DM. I will be pleased if Wenger adds a new midfielder but I won’t panic if he does not, perhaps I’m too naive.
      If we manage to keep short distances between defence, midfield and attack then it could be very fun; otherwise it will be difficult to exploit our forwards’ skills.
      We’ll see, I cross my fingers

  2. Scott Von Gooner August 28, 2014 at 3:03 pm #

    Interesting read Andrea. There will definitely need to be a plan B with any of the other strikers leading the way. Sanogo exempt of course. I think with Sanago not much will change. It will be the same just not as good. I would like to see Sanchez with Ozil in the #10. A little more counter attacking . I think once Walcott gets back it could be quite exciting. Keep up the good work, glad I found this blog.

    • AndreaR August 28, 2014 at 3:56 pm #

      Thank you Scott,
      Glad you liked my post and very happy you appreciated this blog overall.
      We’re a great team and there are some very talented writers on here, stay tuned

  3. Sean Williams August 28, 2014 at 3:07 pm #

    Having just checked Arsenals ins and outs I was shocked to find we have lost 8 players and brought 4 in. We lost Sagna, Fabianski, Djourou, Jenkinson, Vermaelen, Bendtner,Thomas Eisfeld and Park Chu Young. Even if we dismiss Park, and even Djourou who was playing in the Bundesliga, we have lost 6 and brought in 4. Our squad is dangerously thin. With Giroud out and Arteta out any more injuries will devastate the season and it is only two league games old. I know there is still a few days to buy players, but Wenger is worrying me as he is stating that he has no particular intentions to supplement the squad. We look as thin on the ground as I have ever seen. We can afford to buy, and in our two league performances and CL game we were extremely poor. I don’t think we can win anything with this squad even though we have some great players. It is just too shallow. Please strengthen the squad Arsene.

    • AndreaR August 28, 2014 at 4:01 pm #

      Thanks Sean,
      Some say we’re one injury away from a disaster and, although I’m not so pessimistic, I do believe we should add one more player, maybe two.
      I’m quite sure Arsène knows too, I’m confident we’ll see a new face soon.
      I would not worry too much about Wenger saying he’s not after any particular player, he said the same on many occasions in the past.
      Don’t forget he’s a terrific poker player

    • bc August 28, 2014 at 4:25 pm #

      Sean you do realise there is squad limits? We already have too many players for the champions league a list and we are right on the limits of the epl 25 man rule.

      So in order to bring in more we have to sell or loan some out. We need to make sure we have at least 8 association trained players, we currently have 9 that includes miquel and coquelin. We can also have no more than 17 non association trained players. We already have more than that in the first team squad alone, however giroud ruled out of the champions league until the knockout stages, we could leave him out, along with the likes of macey, ajayi, pleguezuelo and iliev. That would give us 17 including the likes of ryo, zelalem, sanogo, diaby, campbell.

      You see its not just as simple as go out and buy whoever we want, we have to consider whether they are english fa association trained or not. If not who are you going to drop from the squad.

  4. Joel August 28, 2014 at 3:55 pm #

    I would like to see Arsenal playing with two up front as they effectively did during the early years of Wenger’s tenure.Sanchez and Walcott or Giroud.The manager,however,continues to stick to a policy of one central striker.This being the case,and with Walcott’s continued absence, Arsenal need to bring someone in who is capable of holding up play and offering to be a central target.Prior to his injury Giroud’s lack of fitness and to some degree effort was beginning to concern me.I certainly wasn’t one of those who had been on his case. I actually thought that he’d played fairly well during the World Cup and was fairly optimistic.That said I would much rather see Falcao or Cavani playing in an Arsenal shirt.Indications are that either would have been receptive to a move and with a bit of clever negotiation; a swap plus cash deal could have been put together with either Monaco or PSG involving Giroud.Unfortunately one of Wenger’s stubborn failings remains his deluded faith that all “his” players will improve beyond original expectation.However for every one Ramsey or Henry there are many Djorou’s,Senderos’,Bentner’s,Fabianski’s, etc…Players who never really improve and have little chance to do so…playing either sporadically or out of position.Whatever anyone’s opinion of Giroud (except Wenger it would seem) there can be no argument that Falcao is a far better player.A player who could help change Arsenal from “also-rans” into genuine title contenders.
    Unfortunately,therefore we will have another Season of frustration!A frustration all the more annoying in the knowledge that a few additions through the spine of the team (Centre/Back/Defensive Midfield/Forward) will mean that Arsenal can genuinely compete with the likes of Chelsea,City, and Liverpool.It is looking increasingly unlikely,however,that the defensive central midfielder has become the “Holy Grail”of clear thinking Arsenal fans and even the Centre Back replacement for Vermaelen is becoming less likely given current time constraints.This current squad needs the addition of some physically strong dynamic players and I’m not talking about either Abou Diaby or Yaya Sanogo both of whom would undoubtedly benefit (for different reasons) from an amount of playing time at another club.

  5. geekaybee August 28, 2014 at 5:00 pm #

    Alexis is a great player but he is not a spearhead. If we don’t need a striker because we have enough cover why haven’t we sold Giroud ?. Why has he been playing ?. If we are told we don’t need a 100 per cent striker then alternatively do we really need a goal keeper……surely a midfielder or a winger can do the job.

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