Arsenal’s Arsene Wenger looking for a New Year’s resolution BUT Danny Welbeck and Mesut Ozil are NOT to blame for poor form

Welbeck and Ozil both drew critics following the defeat to Chelsea

Welbeck and Ozil both drew critics following the defeat to Chelsea

Daniel Nice Tackle Messiah Welbeck (bloody auto correct!) He’s not the messiah; he’s a very naughty boy!

Danny: I’m not the Messiah! Will you please listen? I am not the Messiah, do you understand? Honestly!

Tabloid press: Only the true Messiah denies His divinity.

Danny: What? Well, what sort of chance does that give me? Alright! I am the Messiah!

Tabloid press: He is! He is the Messiah!

Danny: Now, fuck off!

Tabloid press: How shall we fuck off, O Lord?

Monty Python

Welbeck’s nationality could help him become a media darling

As usual, one good game and suddenly Mr Welbeck is the next TH14.

As usual, the tabloid press piles the pressure on an Englishman, in the hope that he fails, so they can then pull out the ‘I told you so card’.

As usual……oh you know what I mean!

Give the guy a break, Danny was very good against Galatasaray and I believe that he will be a massive success for The Arsenal, but at the moment, just leave him be and let him settle in. TH14 is a big act to follow, any added pressure won’t help.

After all, last week, after the Spuds match, according to the same rags, he was a massive flop. And according to his ex-manager he wasn’t good enough, hence why Brand United let him go.

The ‘Nice Tackling Messiah’, went some way to endearing himself to the Gooner faithful, with his ‘Nice Tackle’ on Cesc and his not so veiled ‘dig’ at Louis van Gaal.

Welbeck didn't do any harm in trying to win over the doubting Arsenal fans with that foul on Fabregas

Welbeck didn’t do any harm in trying to win over the doubting Arsenal fans with that foul on Fabregas

“When I`m playing with these sorts of players, they are looking to slip the ball in behind, I am always ready for that, looking to make the movement right and get in behind the defenders. Tonight [Wednesday] I did that a couple of times and scored a few goals.

“I`m looking to build an understanding with the players and getting to know them better, it`s good to play with this calibre of midfielders, they are only going to create chances.

“Nobody can really criticise my finishing because they don`t really see me playing in a forward position too often. But now I am getting into these positions I want to be sticking the ball in the back of the net. I`m sure it`s the same with every other striker.

“Obviously people can say I`ve not scored enough goals, but you stick the best strikers on the wing in a four-man midfield and see if they score goals.”

He’s not the messiah yet, but give him a chance and I’m sure that he’ll prove he is worthy of the title.

The last statement in Danny’s rant is also true of another position.

Ozil has shown to be ineffective out wide

Ozil has shown to be ineffective out wide

Stick a number 10 out on the wing and see how much influence he has on the team. Galatasaray proved that number 10’s should play in the hole, the Chavs proved that they shouldn’t play on the wing.

Anyway, we have other more pressing issue to resolve.

The Chavs & €ity have shown that they are teams of strong players who play football, we are a team of good players but we don’t have balance.

We don’t have a balance of technique and strength which needs a resolution (a New Years one) prior to finding/hailing our new messiah!

TheSundayMorningGooner: Hoping we can get the balance right

Steve Wellman

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