Arsenal’s Robert Pires, Andrey Arshavin, Mesut Ozil shows that Arsene Wenger has treated luxury players in different ways

Ozil Rumours Ridiculous But All Reflects Badly On Wenger

Ozil has recently been linked with  a move to Bayern Munich

Ozil has recently been linked with a move to Bayern Munich

In light of recent rumours that Mesut Ozil has grown unhappy at Arsenal and the club are ready to sell, I had to laugh. Mostly because it’s your weekly BS from the Daily Fail.

Three reasons stand out as to why there’s no way Ozil will be gone in January

1. He’s cup-tied in Europe. He’s a player you want to buy to enhance your chances in such competitions.

2. He won’t be match-fit come January.

3. He’s eager to prove a point in England.

I didn’t want to be naive like most and believe this for these reasons mainly.

However if Ozil was to leave the club today (or in January) I’d point the finger at Arsene Wenger for wasting a world class talent.

People talk about a potential Ozil departure possibly being a good thing for Arsenal, but a better thing would be for Ozil to be at his best at Arsenal. Our chances of competing in any competition would be greatly enhanced.

Wenger has managed Mesut Ozil poorly over the last year or so as he hasn’t built the right team around him or utilised him effectively at all.

In my previous article in mid-week I acknowledged the way we protected Robert Pires during the Invincible days. Patrick Vieira admitting that the midfield had to work twice as hard to make up for Robert’s defensive flaws, he was also fortunate to have the world’s best left back (Cole) at the time behind him.

It was okay because we were capable of carrying passengers defensively, especially if in exchange they give you a lot going forward which Pires did to devastating effect hence the weekly selection.

We had two beasts in Gilberto Silva and Vieira central and Freddie Ljungberg worked his socks off all day on the other flank.

Pires could focus on his magic in attack with the likes of Vieira and Cole covering him

Pires could focus on his magic in attack with the likes of Vieira and Cole covering him

Now we’re in a situation where we have another player who can’t offer much defensively because he’s a luxury player, a world class one may I add. However, he’s also our tallest midfielder in Abou Diaby’s frequent absence.

We have absolutely nobody capable of protecting our more delicate players we lack stature in the middle and not being able to control the middle of the park physically denies the platform for our creative players to cause damage.

Despite very much improved options in attack over the summer (Danny Welbeck, Alexis Sanchez and Joel Campbell) the boss still persists with playing various No. 10s in the team. Multiple players all coming to the ball, thus limiting Mesut’s range of options.

You don’t just play Ozil in the No. 10 role you play him there with a variation of runners around him like we did against Galatasaray with a quick front three.

When talented players are young and need guidance I completely trust Wenger to take care of them however trying to transform already proven established Internationals is not a skill of Arsene’s.

We saw Andrey Arshavin’s dramatic decline. He just didn’t have the lungs to track back and defend from the flanks and it’s almost like déjà vu but with an even mightily superior player which makes these doubts hurt more.

Ozil is a classy player who I’m honoured to have seen in the flesh and it’s the level I know he’s capable of reaching that pains me most to see such rumours fly around.

Look at David Silva, who’s a luxury player at Manchester City and always has goal hungry strikers to work with (Sergio Aguero, Stevan Jovetic, Edin Dzeko, Alvaro Negredo, Carlos Tevez, Mario Balotelli etc.) whilst having great physical protection from midfield and behind him, when on the right the tireless Pablo Zabaleta does a lot of covering, and on the left Aleksandar Kolarov is commanding.

Fernandinho has allowed Silva to excel at Manchester City

Fernandinho has allowed Silva to excel at Manchester City

Then in midfield the likes of Yaya Toure, Fernando, Fernandinho and, previously, Nigel De Jong can offer enough physical protection to provide a platform for the likes of Silva and Samir Nasri to thrive on.

We have a whole midfield of the same types and when Mesut suffers in similar fashion to his peers, he’ll always be highlighted.

It’s a real shame Ozil’s injured because his underwhelming displays will live fresh in the memory for a while, and also we enter another period where one of Theo Walcott and Ozil is fit whilst the other is out, two players who are certain to improve each other’s performance.

Coincidentally, this injury is the longest Mesut Ozil has been out in his career and no surprises that it happens at Arsenal. These injuries can’t be pinned down to bad luck or misfortune anymore. Wenger is doing something wrong in this department as well as many others.

Subomi Oguntoyinbo

4 Responses to Arsenal’s Robert Pires, Andrey Arshavin, Mesut Ozil shows that Arsene Wenger has treated luxury players in different ways

  1. geekaybee October 13, 2014 at 5:15 pm #

    A team is a collection of players working together for the common good of the whole. It is not one player doing what he prefers and everybody else playing in a style to accommodate him. Sell him off and spend the money on a quality player who will commit himself fully to the club.

    • isaac iT October 13, 2014 at 8:25 pm #

      yes it is a collections of players working together ,what quality,playing gd players out of position as if there no perfect players to buy an put put them in proper position for the team to prosper,wager is responsible for thez wooo an i agree he he is doing something wrong.

  2. Subomi October 13, 2014 at 11:10 pm #

    Some players just have to be managed differently, it’s unfortunate but that’s the way it is. Egos need stroking to get the best out of the player.

    Ronaldo & Ibrahimovic call a lot of shots at their clubs and why is that? Because you know what you’ll get in return and that’s top class performances. Now I’m not saying Ozil should call shots or decide when he’s up for it or not, however he’s an established world class player who has to be managed correctly to succeed.

    Wenger has done an awful job of that in this particular scenario to be honest. I watch Ozil and see a shadow of the player I adored way before he came to North London. It’s frustrating because it’s not a Torres situation where he’s just lost his powers and there’s no turning back.

    It’s a situation where Wenger has provided no balance in the team and the likes of Ozil suffer but he in particular takes a large share of the blame.

    People forget how effective he actually is in games but if he doesn’t score nor assist people decide it’s a bad game for him. Take the Chelsea game. That one moment where Cesc tackled him made up everyones mind but his pass that eventually instigated Wilshere’s chance and his chipped pass to Podolski at the end were our most pivotal moments in the game but he doesn’t have a ruthless Costa to make him look as good. Cesc has that and the security of Matic and Mikel/Ramires behind him to allow him to flourish.

    Even Jose a defensive coach managed Ozil better than Wenger which really shows the boss’ declining man-management skills and his incapabilities of pushing us to the next level.

    Sanchez also the only player pressing opponents and gestures for help at times but we have no plan, we’ll either run him into the ground and the inevitable long-term injury pops up or he’ll gradually adapt to the lazy Arsenal way and jut not turn up full stop in the tough away games… this mentality is all instilled from Arsene unfortunately.

  3. emmy true gooner October 14, 2014 at 3:20 pm #

    Wenger need to rethink and do something fast otherwise,Arsenal will find it had to compete with other clubs.

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