Arsenal are NOT exciting any more under Arsene Wenger – Who’s Ready For Change?


A big game has passed and I have been left predictably underwhelmed by the outcome. 

The Liverpool game was very similar to the City game in September in the sense that we went a goal down first after an unconvincing start, after then managing to claw our way back into the game and gain a lead we throw it all away from a set-piece within the last five minutes.

You just knew that regardless of Liverpool’s form and lack of confidence we’d find a way to avoid winning at all costs.

As much as I respect Arsene Wenger for all his input into this wonderful club, I fail to feel any sympathy these days when fingers are pointed towards him. His tendencies to insult our intelligence frustrate me dearly.

He has his own invented clichés such as ‘we played with the handbrake on’ or ‘we were a little bit short physically’ and Sunday’s latest addition ‘bad memories affected us’…. for goodness sake?!!

I barely hang about for an Arsene interview anymore because his excuses are predictable and always so far away from the harsh reality that he got a large number of things wrong on the day as he always does in the big games.

My complaints may seem drastic to some as most seem to be pleased with Sunday’s result using our first half display as justification to be pleased but that further highlights the problem.

We are yet to go on a decent run with only a top four spot to compete for and now we have invited more competition having brought Liverpool out from the wilderness.

Stoke had scored six goals all season before bagging three against us, Manchester United were in poor form before our meeting as were Liverpool who we used to beat with ease at Anfield.

We always somehow manage to offer valuable results to these teams regardless of their situation and it spirals from a weak and spineless mentality that the manager has spread around the club.

He lacks ambition and is happy with doing the bare minimum in achieving fourth every year.

Yet again a season that took off with so much promise has been ruined by Wenger’s horrific decision making in the summer.

But what exactly did he do wrong on Sunday, you ask?

Our start was absolutely abysmal and that space in the middle between our defence and midfield is the most cringeworthy thing to watch.

I actually disagree with most that are bemused by the Olivier Giroud/Francis Coquelin change. I thought it was the best choice. We needed to shore up the midfield and leave pace in attack to hit them on the break.

Also in spite of Giroud’s goal he had a shocking game in my opinion he failed to hold the ball up and did a lot of harm to us when he switched into the wide positions.


I’ve been calling out for Coquelin to gain an opportunity for a while and I liked his dynamism if Wenger’s as wise as his followers will have you believe then he will acknowledge that the lad could have a big role to play for us this season, he’s better than Mathieu Flamini that’s for sure.

It was the final substitution that annoyed me in bringing on Nacho Monreal when we were a man up, not that Nacho did anything wrong but mentally it sent the wrong message to everyone including our own players, that despite our advantage we were still willing to sit deep and soak the pressure.

Of course you want to in at all costs but why invite pressure for a team that aren’t set up to defend? We literally sit deep and hope for the best before the inevitable takes place.

We should have brought Theo Walcott on who’s perfect for such a situation where he can provide an outlet and give Liverpool something to think about. Why have him on the bench if he’s not ready to play a part?

Calum Chambers and Dejan Lovren coincidentally were very good defenders at Southampton but both have struggled lately (Chambers less so) due to both being at clubs where defending isn’t taken very seriously at all.

I have no doubts about Calum’s potential as a defender but Wenger has killed him this season where he’s immediate back-up in two positions that are forever free and has been relied upon way too soon into his Arsenal career.

As for Per Mertesacker I’m so fed up with him this season, he seems to have given up on football since the world cup and has been worse than the makeshift central defenders in Monreal and Mathieu Debuchy this season.

The stand in skipper has showed zero leadership or desire this season and those that are open to bringing in defensive cover in January should realise that we need a top quality defender to partner Laurent Koscielny in the long run not a back-up for Per.

With not much to play for I think Wenger has to have a strong run in Europe, after a productive winter window, whilst looking to retain the FA Cup to stay on as manager (though he’ll stay regardless).

I want him to leave regardless but he has to at least leave us with some sense of progression from last year to justify staying.

He’s draining all the passion I have for this club with each passing week and I’m ready for something new.

At the potential expense of our European status we should be willing to try something else even if we go through a David Moyes-esque period.

Nothing under Wenger excites anymore and we are not even coming close to fulfilling our potential as a club (on the field).

I’m happy with Wenger’s presence at the club but not on the touchline!

Subomi Oguntoyinbo

3 Responses to Arsenal are NOT exciting any more under Arsene Wenger – Who’s Ready For Change?

  1. jayarajan December 23, 2014 at 2:21 pm #

    i absolutely agree with you. It’s time for AW to move on – the same excuses time and again. He has no passion for winning anymore. This has rubbed on to his players. We respect his past achievements but we cannot continue to live on those memories while seeing the team spiralling downwards. It’s a shame.

  2. Victor Thompson December 23, 2014 at 2:33 pm #

    I don`t think it is worth posting a comment anymore.

    Nothing will change, though I agree with your sentiments.

  3. a December 23, 2014 at 2:48 pm #


    alexis sanchez, mezul ozil? would they have come if we had someone like martinez in?

    “At the potential expense of our European status we should be willing to try something else even if we go through a David Moyes-esque period”

    You may want that, but we dont still have debts to pay off, I prefer my arsenal team up at the top of the table, I remember how embarassing we were before wenger came in.

    You want a mid table team, chose spurs, stoke, etc

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