Australia’s Greatest SPORTING Victory


Socceroos celebrate their first Asian Cup triumph

I start, again, by apologising, as this isn’t an Arsenal blog, but a football blog. A quiet time on deadline day 😉

10.30pm, January 31st, 2015, Australia have just won the Asian Cup, 2-1 against South Korea at Stadium Australia.

Australia took the lead on the stroke of half-time, with a quality strike from 25 yards by (ex-spud) Massimo Luongo. The Socceroos looked to have held on for a famous victory, only to have their hearts ripped from their chests by a South Korean equaliser with virtually the last kick of the 90.

Extra time ensued & substitute James Troisi sent the Aussies into rapture with his winning strike in the first period of extra time.

Australia is now the first ‘Asian’ country to hold both the Continental Club (Western Sydney Wanderers).  & Country titles simultaneously.

No wonder the Gulf States want Australia kicked out of the Asian confederation.

Oil, money & how much gets divided up, will resolve that one.

But back to my first point.

This is Australia’s greatest sports achievement & this is the reason.

Australia has in the past been world champions at Cricket, Rugby Union & Rugby League.

But….. Cricket is played by about nine countries, Union by ten countries (12 at a push if you include a couple of South Pacific islands). League plays in Northern England, New South Wales & New Zealand!!

World Champions, yes, world sports, NO.

This victory is Australia’s first on a global stage, in a global sport.

Genuine Champions in THE GLOBAL SPORT

Australia now has a genuine global sporting championship winning team.

Not bad for a sport that was on its knees 11 years ago, with its only point of interest being summer football pools in England.

With this victory & the increased interest in football, this should bring. Hopefully, it will get called FOOTBALL down here from now on like it should be!!!!!!

It's Football not Soccer

It’s Football not Soccer

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