Exclusive interview with Oli Gee of the Colney Massiv Revisted – Olivier Giroud Payer of the Month!

At Gunners Town we wanted to celebrate Olivier Giroud winning the Barclays Premier League Player of the Month Award for March. His hot streak continued with a delightful striker to wrap up a comfortable win over Liverpool yesterday. 

So with the kind permission of Dave and 1 Nil Down 2 One up here is a little gem of an interview fron September 2013 with Olivier’s alter ego Oli Gee.


In between France’s 2 crucial World Cup qualifiers 1ND2OU was very fortunate to catch up with Arsenal’s current goal scoring phenomenon Oli G for an interview and photo shoot with special guest photographer Anita Roza (@Arsenalofka.) Our chat spanned several areas and will be of great interest to all Gunners I am sure. We covered his form, the weight of goal scoring responsibility that falls on his shoulders, his superb injury record, his thoughts on the anti-Arsenal media and all things concerning his Colney Massive:


1ND2OU – So Oli after a promising first season you must be feeling pretty good about your start to this campaign?

Oli G – Aiii massiv big up goona me mate Dave 66 an’ boyakaska to da I nil down 2 one up massiv.

1ND2OU – You certainly seem to be getting the service from your team mates so far?

Oli G –  I iz feelin heavy east side east side now. I iz scorin an’ da colney massiv iz purrin.

1ND2OU – Many fans are worried that Arsene Wenger has not bought another striker during the transfer window. What would you say to them?

Oli G – . I say wot dey natterin about. oli g iz da mr biggy or mr biggys. dey need to flex an’ stay eezee now. oli g ain’t neva bin injured an’ e ain’t neva goin to be init


Oli G poses for IND2OU in his leisure gear!!
Oli G poses for IND2OU in his leisure gear!!

1ND2OU – Well I must say that is reassuring to hear Oli. It is not just the fans though. The media particularly Mail and Talksport seem to think we need more firepower?

Oli G –  Wot dey bangin on about? durham iz da bell end an’ samuels iz da dong. dey need to chill, toke da splif an’ watch da g geeza rip hit up on iz own. in fact I don’t tink dat larda geeza has eva got any punani in iz life an’ e ain’t seun iz dong in years Is it coz I is french?

1ND2OU – Strong words Oli but perhaps we should get back the football. Have you set any personal targets for this season?

Oli G – . Happarently some goona peeps dig da 30 goal da season geeza. well don’t be gettin’ menstral bout higuain or louis rottweila cos oli g iz inda emirates an’ 30 iz me target fe da season. also wanna be off to brazil to get jiggy in rio wiv ma possie, bac geeza an’ me fittest bruv main geeza kos


Oli G - Ready to fire Gunners to trophies innit!
Oli G – Ready to fire Gunners to trophies innit!

1ND2OU – No mention of trophies there Oli which is of course what all our readers want to hear

Oli G – Hit has bin da long wait fe da fans an’ we al respek dare patience but dis year iz our year. I iz tellin da fans we iz gonna win da trophy dis season.

1ND2OU – Obviously I must ask you about the club record signing of Mesut Ozil, widely recognised as one of the world’s best players. You must be excited to play with him?

Oli G – Aiii da main geeza has spent millions on mesut an’ we iz all well exciyed to chek I is in red an’ honkey. I iz shizzle e iz gonna make chances fe me.

1ND2OU – Yes he is a special player and one that excites the fans. Let me ask you about the fans chant for you. You must love it when the whole of the Emirates if singing Giroud to the tune of the Beatles classic?

Oli G – Aiii me mate Dave hit iz well special an’ send da tingle through me well bells. Me iz gona dig to score fe dem every game

1ND2OU – Oli thanks so much to taking the time to take to me. I wrote Arsenal should sign you in November 2011 and I am delighted we did. Let me try and sign off Coney massive style. Yorkie interphew, stay fit an’ keep scorin Oli.

Oli G – Me mate Dave yous did wicked I iz gonna make da bruvva hof yous yet

1ND2OU – Cheers Bruv


Please note IND2OU blog today is for fun and not a real interview with Oliver Giroud. I hope you enjoyed.

Thanks again to the wonderful Roza @Arsenalofka for4 rising to the challenge once again.

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed the fun as we are all enjoying Giroud’s form – Long may it continue!

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