Does Arsene Wenger feel the fans pain as divisions re-emerge? Of Course he does!

It has been a tough week after what can be best described as 2 ‘tired and uninspired’ displays by the Gunners.

The divisions in our fan base are swiftly returning to social media.Wenger’s team selection and tactics are sharply back in  focus as we rush head long into what we all hope will be a party on Sunday to finish our Premier League campaign followed by the traditional season finale at Wembley which thankfully we are part of.

We may not all agree with Wenger, many of us have been fans of Arsenal far longer than he has managed us and mistrust those who suggest he loves the club more than us. However whatever you believe and whatever you want for the club going forwards don’t ever think that he does not take defeats and poor performances to heart because he most certainly does:



We have 8 days to finish our season on a real high with 2 victories so let’s all get together behind the manager and the players he selects to complete the job.

Everything else can wait until the 1st June surely.



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