Gunners if you are still standing bring your boots we are playing Sunderland!

More players here than on training pitch

More players here than on training pitch

I’m still standing ?

Not much to say following Sunday Bloody Sunday, well except,
“Oh look it’s November, let’s all book a trip to the physio”.

Trip to Physio's

Trip to Physio’s

The defeat sucks, but the injuries are are verging on ridiculous.
If all the tests are as bad as they probably will be, the best starting XI we can field against Sunderland will be:


Ok not to despairing (?), but when you look at the resources left for the bench, alarm bells begin to clatter;

The Jeff

We are a 2 of injuries away from a couple of teenagers, all be it with great potential, having to trot out on the field in Greece to keep our UCL dreams alive and kicking, and with Rambo and Ox only just out of rehab, that could easily happen.

Here’s praying that Big Sam doesn’t invoke the ‘Kick them first, ask question later’ tactic on Saturday, otherwise all our dreams may turn into nightmares

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