Salvation from the most unexpected of places: Arsenal stake their title claim.

I was watching the Leicester match in the company of Man Utd, Spurs and Liverpool fans and whilst the match was unfolding I made the remark that on Valentines day I could feel all the lurve around me?

Atkinson sees no foul

The start of the downfall: Atkinson sees no foul

Like Harold at Hastings, I stood my ground and in the face of the hordes around me I did not wilt, however when some archer fired a shot which was deflected by the referee and a soft penalty was awarded, it felt that I had been stricken and the cause was lost. All around me the hounds of Man Utd, Spurs and mongrels of all descriptions were baying at the demise of Arsenal and the ascendancy of Cinderella ( Leicester ). Somewhere in the mist of my grief, Theo appeared and scored the equaliser and it appeared that I was not mortally wounded after all.

Theo and Oli

The intensity was palpable

Reality resumed and I awoke from my nightmare to see Danny Welbeck arise like Lazarus from the grave and deal the fatal blow to Leicester. Amidst the baying hordes, I was victorious, the arrow had missed and order was restored. We are now only two points behind in the race for the title.

We have all been in situations like this and it is what makes supporting your team worthwhile. The best end to today would be for Man City v Spurs to be a draw. Fingers crossed.

In conclusion, this was a match in which both teams gave their all and yellow cards were appearing like confetti but I don`t think anyone could say that it was a dirty game. Two teams just totally committed to the challenge and I salute Leicester for the way they played. Whatever happens, this season will be forever remembered as Leicester`s. It will be a testimony to what can be achieved by a determined group of players who believe in each other and in their club.

Danny Welbeck

Danny Lazarus’s last-gasp winner might trigger Leicester’s much-touted collapse

Make no mistake, this was a committed Arsenal team, highly motivated and stretched to the limit by stubborn resistance.

I am not going to analyse the performance of individual players or even of the manager. This is ( I hope ) simply a glimpse through the window of what it is to be a football fan ( take notice Mr. Kroenke ).

When the dust settles and we can assess our position, what is in store for Arsenal?

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One Response to Salvation from the most unexpected of places: Arsenal stake their title claim.

  1. Astro February 14, 2016 at 7:34 pm #

    nice post victor not crucifying Wenger n the players today. Atkinson was poor in its officiating today but thank God the boys were up to the fight. man city lost again which now made the title race a 3 horse race. just hope my beloved gunner now live up to expectation in the remaining 12 games left. we should concentrate on our matches leaving spurs and Leicester to there own fate.

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