New Players, Same Manager, What’s The Point?

Xhaka. One of the many players Arsenal is linked with

Xhaka. One of the many players Arsenal is linked with

As supporters we’ll never lose our addiction for discussing potential improvements the club can make throughout the year. I’ve seen plenty of Gooners enlisting Xhaka, Ibrahimovic, Mahrez, Kante as desired transfers in the summer but seriously is there any point to this? We’re simply wasting our time.

Great players - but they haven't made the difference

Great players – but they haven’t made the difference

In the past 3 season’s we have brought in 3 top/world class players in Mesut Özil, Alexis Sanchez & Petr Çech and although they have each contributed greatly to the team it hasn’t changed our league position.

Of course there have been holes in the team that haven’t been plugged for a long time and that could be used as reasoning as to why the contributions of these players have been wasted but we have a far better side than both Spurs & Leicester who you could argue don’t have a single world class player at their clubs – Mahrez, Lloris, Eriksen may be some people’s counter argument but not for me, yet.

The success of both their seasons is largely down to coaching. They have perfect balance in their sides and enough quality to see off teams.

The secret to Leicester and Sp*rs success?

The secret to Leicester and Sp*rs success?

Under Wenger our team is a one big mess. Arséne doesn’t know what players he prefers, he doesn’t understand the which partnerships best suit his players – Alexis, Ramsey, Koscielny. He doesn’t adapt to opponents nor does he change his playing style.

We’re predictable, boring, weak and slow and even the likes of Messi, Ronaldo, Neymar couldn’t bag us a title under Wenger truth be told.

With Wenger confirming he’ll be seeing out his deal, mediocrity next season is pretty much assured and the only excitement for it is that it could (hopefully) be a send-off season for him. The odd cup is always a bonus, I’d have hoped it would be a European title but that requires tactical knowledge at an elite standard which explains Wenger’s horrific record in the competition.

Bye bye, I'm not going anywhere

Bye bye, I’m not going anywhere

I do have players that I’d love to see brought in and at some point I’ll stupidly speculate with fellow supporters as to what difference those individuals could make but we know we’ll be left disappointed again as Arsene Wenger doesn’t understand tactics and is outdated in modern day football.

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One Response to New Players, Same Manager, What’s The Point?

  1. Victor Thompson April 22, 2016 at 12:07 pm #

    Sadly, this is mostly true but it pains me to say it, Spurs are much better than us. Nobody fears us. Even the small teams go for us. Harry Kane is world class and Deli will be.

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