Arsenal just behind Man United as Premier League’s Biggest Prize Winners


Man Utd set to be first club to earn £1 BILLION in prize money

* Red Devils on track to hit historic milestone next year, the Premier League’s 25th season –

* United top all-time PL earnings list, with Arsenal coming second (again!) –

Manchester United will next year become the first club to have earned £1 billion in prize money since the inception of the Premier League, and have been awarded nearly £900 million since it began in 1992, according to a new study by spread-betting firm, Spreadex.

The study, which looked at the amounts every single team had received from the Premier League in prize money over the past 24 years, found that United winning 13 Premier League titles over the period has seen them being awarded £870.3 million, with Arsenal in second place with £842.8 million and Liverpool in third with £815.4 million. If United replicate their top five finish next season, they will officially become the first team to earn a staggering £1 billion in what will be the league’s 25th season.

The study also found:

* The rest of the top six was made up by Chelsea (£815.4 million), Tottenham (£750.3 million) and Man City (£723.5 million)

* Despite winning the title this season, Premier League champions Leicester are 25th on the list, having earned £247.7 million in prize payments, £93.2 million received in this season alone. Arsenal will get an estimated £95 million despite finishing second

Champions but maybe not biggest earners

Champions but maybe not biggest earners

* Although falling on hard times this year, the league’s bottom club Aston Villa are ninth on the all-time list, with £649.2 million paid to the Villa Park club over the period

* This season alone, Premier League clubs will receive £1.64 billion between them

* £14.8 billion has been paid out by the Premier League over the course of the 24 seasons

* Two of the 49 clubs who have received Premier League cash, Notts County and Luton came bottom of the table with £1.49 million each – despite never having played in the League. They benefited from parachute payments paid out after they got relegated in the old Division One’s final season.

A large majority of the Premier League’s income as a governing body comes from TV deals. The first five-year TV deals in force between 1992 and 1997 were worth around £50m a year. There was a four-year deal to 2001 and three-year deals since. The new three-year TV deals that will come into play this summer will be worth around £2.8 BILLION a year, almost 60 times as much as the first season.

This incredible growth is effectively demonstrated by the fact that Aston Villa, the lowest earning club this season, have received £66.6m for 2015-16, approaching double the entire prize for all 22 clubs 1992-93 (£37.5m)

Next season’s growth will mean the bottom club – whoever they are – are likely to earn close to what this season’s highest earning club, Arsenal, have won this season.

We must credit Spreadex for this interesting piece and Andy Mackenzie, their Marketing Communications Manager, said: “With the Premier League 25th anniversary next year, we thought it would be interesting to see the full amounts that clubs have been awarded in prize money over the years.”

“The prize money awarded to clubs is staggering – even teams that finish in the relegation positions now receive amounts that are eye-watering by anyone’s standards. With 24 years of consistent growth, this shows that the English Premier League is arguably the most marketable and successful sports league worldwide.”

All prize money data from the study was taken from official Premier League reports since 1993, sourced via specialist sports website,

What is clear is that the Premier League in 2016/17 should be the mos competitive but it WILL be the most lucrative

Bring it on!

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