Arsenal Transfer Rumours – Round-Up and Ratings

Giroud Upgrade?

Giroud Upgrade?

Well, That Jamie Vardy saga was entertaining whilst it lasted. Nearly a week on, I still cannot quite believe there were so many Arsenal fans disappointed with him choosing to sign a new deal at Leicester. Yes, he scored 24 goals and was part of a title winning squad, but seriously… is he the type of player you’ve been reduced to wanting? If signing a 29-year-old one season wonder is your idea of a great transfer window then fine, but I feel the fans desperation for a new striker put the blinkers on a lot of us. The deal didn’t make financial sense, the way he plays wouldn’t have fit into the system we play, and if you’re suggesting we change our play and system for one player whose 29?? That is absurd. The England Slovakia game highlighted why Vardy won’t even be a success in the premier league next year, every team will now sit deep against Leicester and severely limit his chances of a ball over the top. Yes, you could argue that towards the end of last season, teams didn’t do that but if we’re being honest, we all thought they would fall away at some point, the fact teams had to learn the hard way suggests second time around, managers will actually listen and see and play how they should’ve played against them last season.

Apologies if I’ve got anyone’s back up with that mini rant about Vardy, I want the best for my club and I believe the answer is not Jamie Vardy.

Now due to the Euros and lack of Arsenal activity, I’m using this blog to highlight 5 players we’ve been linked to in the past week, and my rating of how likely the transfer is. Ratings are out of 5.

  1. Daley Blind


I quite like Blind, a versatile defender and a solid performer, but he has no pace. He uses his positional sense and awareness quite a lot and that helps him avoid any sticky situations, but I don’t think he’s a natural CB and I certainly wouldn’t have him in midfield over Xhaka, Ramsey, or Cazorla. At 26 he is coming to his peak years, and he actually had a decent first season in the premier league, a good squad player he could be. With Gibbs supposedly off to pastures new, he could become a back up to Monreal but I doubt he would leave United to compete for a left back slot with us. Plus, Mournhio wouldn’t sell to us again after the Cech scenario so I doubt this rumour has any foundation. 2/5

  1. Romelu Lukaku

Personally, a signing I would love. Quick – powerful – skilful, sometimes erratic but that can be excused. A towering Centre forward who at 23 – has already scored over 60 goals in the Premier League. Yes, he is similar to Giroud in some aspects, but as stated earlier, but he has blinding pace which Giroud severely lacks and Lukaku just loves winning – we need that mentality, Giroud often goes into his shell if he’s not performing.  A fee of £60 million and wages of £120,000 per week is very doable for us. Whether Everton sell is another question, they no longer need money as ex-Arsenal shareholder Farhead Moshiri is now the majority shareholder. But that could also help with negotiations, having already gained a good relationship; this could ease any potential transfer with some reporting terms agreed. 3/5

  1. Alvaro Morata


This is already getting as tedious and boring as the Vardy situation, simply put – this deal isn’t happening. In my eyes he isn’t worth the £50-60 million valuation that Real have put on him, He couldn’t even get in the Juve team last season.  A two season spell with Juve and the fact Real have put him up for sale to the highest bidder, suggests they don’t think he can cut it as a number 1 striker either.  Expect him to end up at Chelsea as a Costa Replacement. 0/5

  1. Ivan Perisic

It happens that when a player has a stand out game at a tournament, they immediately get linked to any club that is after a player in their position. So everyone knows Arsenal are potentially after a winger and Perisic is a winger/wide forward who had a stormer of a game against Spain. Soon after the media then immediately put up ‘’Perisic interest’s Gunners’’ articles. It’s called click bait and is poor journalism. This transfer story has no legs, and will never happen. A good player yes, but has only been at Inter for one season and they aren’t looking to sell, especially at the 20 million Euro’s price tag. 1/5


  1. Riyad Mahrez


I have never wanted a transfer to happen so much, I absolutely love Mahrez. He is exactly the type of winger we need, and he is an Arsenal type player. Imagine a front 3 of Mahrez – Ozil – Sanchez!!! Wow, and backed up by Xhaka and Ramsey/Wilshere… Jesus that is some team is it not? Reportedly available for a fee of £30 million and perhaps not as loyal to Leicester as Vardy I feel this is one deal we could and should make happen. 4/5

As soon as the Euros finish on July 10th expect the rumour mill to go in complete overdrive. With Xhaka already in the bag and moves for a potential striker seemingly in the works. Next season is looking good.


Thanks for reading, see you next week.

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