What on earth has happened to Theo Walcott since the end of last season?

The New Theo?

The New Theo?

Hats off to Theo – he has begun the campaign in a fashion becoming an Arsenal player among the higher earners at the club. That is not the fashion in which he finished the last campaign…

Various things have happened in recent months:

This happened:

during the Barclays Premier League match between Arsenal and Watford at the Emirates Stadium on April 2, 2016 in London, England.

This did not happen:

Not going to France

Not going to France

This may have happened:

for-sale-signAs may this:


TOO HIGH – No Takers

Resulting in this

Serious Talks

Serious Talks

This and the situation should have resulted in several of these:

kick-ass kick_up_the_arse

maxresdefault (1)



Then of course this at the end of last season helped him:

Whoops he did it again

Whoops he did it again

This certainly helped too:


As did this:

Alex injured v LFC

Alex injured v LFC

Add to that the continued indifferent form of this chap:


And the sale of this chap:


All resulting in Theo Walcott getting another chance to shine and so far he is taking it. I read somewhere he has put in more tackles and interceptions in 3 games than he did all last season. Can he keep it up?

So far so good:

Top quality video from @gothbergkamp on Theo in first 270 mins of 16/17 which has earned him an England recall from the new manager.

Theo it’s over to you……

I may be more serious next time. Have a Great weekend now. Dave

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One Response to What on earth has happened to Theo Walcott since the end of last season?

  1. Victor Thompson September 3, 2016 at 12:38 pm #

    I enjoyed this cameo and I agree with your comments on Theo. I was an enthusiastic fan of Theo when he was on the up, but I have to confess that his haggling over a wage demand when the club was in crisis, turned me against him. What made it worse was that we would have expected his performance to improve commensurate with his increase in wages. Unfortunately, not only did it not happen but his commitment to the team dropped. He seemed to think that as a highly paid striker/winger he was excused the tedious job of tracking back to defend against marauding full backs. By the end of the season, I think he had got the message from the fans who had clearly deserted him.

    He probably thought that his reputation would earn him a transfer to a select club, if he was forced into more commitment than he was prepared to give. If he did have such a notion it was soon dispelled when there were no enquiries from any clubs. His hard wrung wages are now a burden for him to carry to another club, so he has discovered that he now has competition from an improved Ox, Iwobi, Sanchez, Campbell ( before his loan ) and Ramsey. Anyway; the situation is what it is and he has upped his game. He is the highest early season scorer and he is actually making tackles unlike last season when he actually pulled out of 50/50 tackles.

    It will take a bit more of this kind of performance to regain the respect I and many other fans used to have for him, but I hope the penny has dropped. It has been said that Wenger gets there in the end, well maybe Theo has too.

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