Time to send out a message to City and Barca about Hector Bellerin Exclusive

Applauds the Gunner Faithful

Applauds the Gunner Faithful

The rise and rise of Hector Bellerin has been nothing short, to use a well-worn cliche, of meteoric since he broke into the Arsenal side 2 years ago.

His form has earned him plaudits, international recognition, a new long term deal and of course the unwelcome interest of certain big clubs

Well, the message from all of us in N5 to Manchester City and Barcelona should be obvious – The ‘Boy from Barca’ is not for sale. However – in case there is any doubt, I have added 2 new verses to Hector’s own song. I hope you like them, he likes them and the conversation is closed…..

I wanna tell you

I might as well do

About a boy who can do anything

He comes from Barca

His name is Hector

Bellerin Bellerin Bellerin

Do one!!

Do one!!

So here‘s a new one

Pep can do one

Petro-dollars cannot buy everything

Such a Pity

Not going to City

Bellerin Bellerin Bellerin



Ignore Enrique

Laugh at Pique

In North London he has everything

Learn it sooner

Boy’s a Gooner

Bellerin Bellerin Bellerin

Sing it loud, sing it proud – I thank you 🙂

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4 Responses to Time to send out a message to City and Barca about Hector Bellerin Exclusive

  1. Roger Sanchez September 28, 2016 at 3:45 pm #

    What a load of crap, when Barca comes knocking, you can be sure that Hector will be thinking twice. It is a no brainer, London or Barcelona, which city is the most beautiful, the food the best,Barcelona has white sand beaches, London has the Thames, Barcelona has a proper summer, London is a dreadful place even in the summer. The hyperbole in this article is too funny, Arsenal the poor mans Barcelona is just a billionaires play ground, a business club who’s main purpose is to extort money from is fanbase. Why would a Catalan born like Bellerin not take the calling of the world’s best football club, with the best football players ever seen, and a history that it is 2nd to none, to stay in a money making club, to the detriment of is fanbase, with a manger who’s beginning to look like a a rich dinosaur as each year goes by…..Wishful thinking on the writers part, but if Barca was serious in bringing Bellerin back, and to be a starter, you can be sure that it wouldn’t even be matter of debate. The moment that you recognise that Arsenal is just a business club, with big fat billionaires owners sucking the fanbase dry, maybe then will a change happen. Until then, 4th place and the odd FA cup will just have to suffice……

    • Batmandela September 28, 2016 at 4:12 pm #

      Roger, have you taken your meds?

      You’re using a fire-extinguisher to blow out a match, my friend. I’m sure the original post is just meant to be a little bit of fun. A fan chant isn’t exactly a manifesto.

      Maybe write a blog and tell us how you really feel… We’d be happy to host it. Chill!

      • Samuel Mathias September 28, 2016 at 6:04 pm #

        Barca won’t come looking for Hector again remember we’ve go Roberto who is on the verge of displacing Carvajal a world class right back from the spain squad. City is Hectors likely destination , besides Arsenal has a history of selling full backs to City (Sagna & Clichy)

      • Roger Sanchez September 28, 2016 at 7:51 pm #

        Maybe you’re right Batmandela, I’ve taken my benzodiazepines and I’m now in state of euphoria, thanks for the recommendation…… Come on gunners.

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