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It’s the 9th week of Premier League and Gunners are in the 2nd place in the standings. Well done boys well done, but let’s not get too excited as there’s still a long way to go.

At this point, how about testing your skills as a football manager and winning some real cash prizes? Let’s show Wenger what you can do (of course virtually) Sportito, a fantasy sports provider from UK, is finally giving you the chance to prove your skills as a manager. What’s unique about Sportito is that they have got rid of the rules in traditional fantasy sports and offering you a platform where you can play, enjoy and win money daily.

Can you Out Wenger Le Boss?

Can you Out Wenger Le Boss?

You can draft your own fantasy football team with players from any league (yes, any!) without any salary cap restrictions and compete in the contests to win real money daily! Remember how you felt when, Mikael Silvestre was in and Van Persie was out? Yeah we all thought that was not a smart move. Well on Sportito, it’s totally up to you who you will choose to play in your team, even if they are expensive; because unlike other fantasy football platforms, Sportito doesn’t have any salary cap.

Even if you are a beginner in fantasy football, Sportito offers you the same opportunities to you as the expert fantasy players. So you do not need to fear of the big guys in the field. Pay attention and draft your teams carefully with the correct players and nobody can beat your score. It’s all about how connected you are to football, teams and players. The more you know them, the better teams you will draft. And remember to choose the best players!

Your drafted fantasy team’s score will depend on the players’ real time performance. Your score will be updated live and you can see your ranking instantly. The team with the highest points in the contest will win the cash prizes and go up the ranking.

Football contests on Sportito are for matches in Premier League, Champions League, Europa League, Championship, MLS, Bundesliga and many other leagues and tournaments. You can choose any league you prefer and join any available contest on the Lobby to play against other Sportito fans or your friends. The contest entry fee starts from little £2 and there are also free entry contests available for you to master your skills before you start spending.

The contests will last only a day or a week, so as soon as the real time match finishes, your contest results will be out and you have the chance to withdraw your money without waiting the whole season to finish – how does it feel to win real money every day? Exciting isn’t it!

Sign up on Sportito for free and show your talents by completing with the others on Sportito or your friends. Sportito App is also available for your Android and iOS devices with free download.

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