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5 Tips for Building the Best Player Card Portfolio on Footstock

5 Tips for Building the Best Player Card Portfolio on Footstock What sets Germany-based football trading platform Footstock apart from its contemporaries is its player card trading system. Representing active players from the Premier League, these cards are the main assets for Footstock’s two most popular activities: trading and fantasy league matches. If you’re looking […]

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Think you’re better than Wenger? Prove it in the Gunners Town Fantasy Football League

So you think you know best!!!! So you think you know how to pick a better team than Wenger? So you think you know how to buy players better than Gazidis? So you think you know how to spend money better than Kroenke So you think you can beat a previous DreamTeam winner (TBH that’s […]

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Keown, Merson and Wright help a Gooner win £100k Sun Fantasy Football 20 Years Ago

That was then and this is now A massively self indulgent piece this week, but hey !! 20 years ago this happened   and these 11 players changed my life. Please note; the team name was originally ‘Arse and All FC’ but this was back in the day of telephone entries and apparently I wasn’t […]

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Can you Out Wenger Le Boss?

Can you Out Wenger Arsene Wenger? – Real-time Daily Fantasy Football Management

Manage your fantasy football team and win real cash daily It’s the 9th week of Premier League and Gunners are in the 2nd place in the standings. Well done boys well done, but let’s not get too excited as there’s still a long way to go. At this point, how about testing your skills as […]

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