Cesc To Replace Santi In The Merry Season! Ho-Ho-No?!

Ahhh! December. When Santa decides who make his naughty list and who makes his nice list. The season of giving and the season of receiving. Alas, the football gods in recent moments have also taken and given. Days ago we were struck with the sad news that the football gods in need of angels called suddenly upon 19 members of the Chapecoense football team. May their souls rest in peace, and may their families and friends take heart, in this difficult moment.

The football gods didn't seem to hear Santi's prayer

The football gods didn’t seem to hear Santi’s prayer

December brought with it another act of the football gods which Arsenal fans could rather do without. News that the mercurial talent whose strong foot has been the topic of many a research would have to undergo surgery to correct a nagging Achilles tendon injury which has plagued him since October. Yes, after we went through November ALMOST unscathed, we were struck with this news. Typical Arsenal.

Santiago Gonzales Cazorla since he stepped foot on a football field in England has mesmerized and held in awe, several fans, both of Arsenal and the opposition. Neutrals sing his praise as they struggle to find out which is his strong foot whenever he sweetly strikes a pass, with either foot in successive possessions. His absence every season marks a tough period for Arsenal as it is very difficult to find another of his kind, in the club, or even elsewhere who can help rob possession from the opposition and immediately play it through the lines to initiate forward play from the base of the midfield. Mind you, that is not his natural position. He has gone from attacking midfield to right winger and left winger, until he finally found his home at the base of the midfield in the quarterback role.

Many have been the pieces I have come across online, which have mentioned players who could replace the aging Cazorla who is almost 32 years and at the tail end of his contract. Verratti, Isco, Calhanoglu and even Joe Allen are names of replacements that have made the rounds on the Interwebs. There is another option though, a very unpopular one amongst the Arsenal faithful. One of our own who deserted us when we needed him and threw the deserved adulation, respect and praise garnered from Gunners in the past into the bin as he made his way into the clutches of ‘THE DESPISED ONE.’ He is none other than FranCesc Fabregas Soler.

A logical replacement for the Little Wizard?

A logical replacement for the Little Wizard?

Calm down, Calm down. Put your pitchforks away. No one has despised Cesc(Cesspool) Fabregas more than I have since what has become an ill-fated move to rivals Chelsea. I was more furious at the fact that he joined a team managed by Mourinho, who always sought to insult Wenger, the man who saw to his progression as a footballer, rather than the fact that he had joined Chelsea, and I am sure most of you will agree that was what peeved you the most.

Regardless, you cannot begrudge the fact that the man can play ball. He is one of the breed who were born to play this beautiful game we all love no matter what and it has shown over the many years he has played the game, especially when wearing the red and white of London’s finest club. In the last season which he played his heart out, in the 2014-2015 season, at the base of Chelsea’s midfield along with Matic, Fabregas was unstoppable. Threading passes of unimaginable weight to the likes of Hazard, Costa and Willian ahead of him, Chelsea marauded their way to the title on the boots of Cesspool.

It is unquestionable Fabregas is blessed with the passing range similar to that of Xabi Alonso, Cazorla and few others. In that 2014-2015 season, despite the muscle of Matic alongside him in the midfield, Cesspool carried his weight about winning a respectable 47% of his duels. Not a shabby rate for a guy whose main job was to recycle the ball and create chances from deep. Oh by the way he did that with aplomb; creating 7 chances shy of a 100. 93 chances created from deep. Cazorla in comparison created 78, not too shabby considering he had the much much slower Giroud ahead of him.

He's played alongside the greatest footballers on the planet... Since he was 16.

He’s played alongside the greatest footballers on the planet… Since he was 16.

Fabregas also brings certain intangibles along with his impeccable passing to the job. He has been in locker rooms with some of the best footballers to have walked the earth; Thierry Henry, Robert Pires, Xavi, Iniesta, Terry and one chap known as Messi. Thus, you can be certain he wields an almost incomparable amount of experience with him. Also, this man is a winner. He has been there, seen it, and done it. He has won almost all there is to win in the game of football and knows what is necessary to reach that echelon. Fabregas no matter how you feel about him brings a lot to the table with more pros than cons. Do not forget, he was once one of us, and unlike that terrible Togolese fella or even Robin Van Pursestrings has never really sought to rile up Gunners, anywhere. He has always carried himself well and has given respect where due.

Some may point to the fact that he was terrible last season for Chelsea, but everyone in that team, including supposed challenger to Messi and Ronaldo, Hazard, was terrible and as is evident this year love and a caring manager goes a long way towards improving player’s confidence and performance levels.

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Why then is he not playing for Conte this year you ask? Well, you cannot force a square peg into a round hole, but guess what, there is a huge square hole that needs filling in the midfield of Arsenal. The man is clearly unwanted in Chelsea, as he does not fit into their current system, but the system we currently employ at Arsenal is perfectly suited to him and his Quarterbacking skills. I do not think it will cost much to prise such a clearly unwanted player from the arms of our rivals

Gunners out there, I may be chastised for the publishing of this piece, but really, take a seat back and give thought to the points I have put across in terms of pros and weigh them against the only major sin this guy committed; playing for and helping a Mourinho side triumph. Then make a final judgment on whether you do not agree that FranCesc can serve as an able replacement for our ailing little magician. After all, ’tis the joyous season of forgiveness.

Santi Claus

Santi Claus (I couldn’t resist)

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One Response to Cesc To Replace Santi In The Merry Season! Ho-Ho-No?!

  1. CHIKEZIE CHINKE December 2, 2016 at 5:05 pm #

    Nice thought, I also see it from your angle. As much as most gunners will not like it, I think he might be the missing puzzle in the team right now. We can take advantage of his situation at Chelsea and give him a chance to redeem himself back to the Arsenal faithfuls. An intelligent and highly creative player no doubt, and it will be a very good move, but I don’t see that happening.

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