Why Isn’t Half Time Entertainment Popular In Football?

Half time shows- you can either love them or hate them. The concept has made its way over from the States who do half time entertainment like no other. A halftime show consists of a performance taking place between the first and second halves of a game and is not typically given to sports that have irregular or indeterminate numbers of divisions such as boxing or baseball or sports that do not have an extended period where play is stopped, like tennis. Walter Lingo is championed as being the inventor of halftime shows. He was the owner of a dog kennel that sponsored the Oorang Indians, an all Native American football team who would perform in addition to playing football and promote the kennels. While half times shows have their time and place, what is it about them that makes them so unpopular by many?


Many people criticise half time shows because of the length of time they run for. Certain sports can find that their entertainment runs for an extended period of time and detracts from the actual sport being played. The argument used by many football fans is that they attend a football match to watch the sport and don’t believe a half time show is necessary.


Another reason half time shows aren’t as supported as they could be can be due to the fact that they can be slightly unusual. Derby County, for example, performed an insanely strange routine that involved a mascot and one of their members of staff. The bizarre combination got a little weirder as the mascot proceeded to swallow the man whole!

Derby HT Goings On


Mascots are a great way to create a fun atmosphere at a football game and often become very powerful celebrities in their own right! Associating a team with a mascot is a powerful tool when it comes to advertising and also works well in psyching out the competition. Mascots are very comical and provide for some very memorable moments when it comes to football games and it should be mentioned that while some may find their antics funny, others may find them annoying and unnecessary. This could be a reason for the lack of popularity in half time entertainment, as mascots are often used at this point.

Arsenal’s own Gunnersarus


Another cause of the dislike of halftime entertainment can be attributed to the lack of quality and talent when it comes to the performers who are chosen to perform during sporting games. While many sporting events do book amazing singers and even celebrities, there are times when options are thin and football teams call in last minute replacements.

While half time entertainment can be fun and entertaining, allowing excited sporting fans to take a quick break from focusing on whether their team is winning or losing, the ultimate reason why half time entertainment isn’t popular in football is its repetition. Most people who scorn at the idea of watching a half time show because they are tired of seeing the same sort of performance every time.

It’s all a far cry from the traditional half-time entertainment at the Old Highbury of the Metropolitan Police Band!

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