An 8 Point Mesut Ozil Conspiracy Theory – It may have gone like this…..

Happier Times

Just perhaps the sequence of events went something like this……………….

  • A German player fed up with the annual Arsenal implosion and no one getting on the end of his wonderful passes after January, tells his boss he wants out in May.
  • The German player’s agent knowing his client’s boss and employer will not sell to another English employer, touts his player around Europe over the summer.
  • The German and his agent’s wage demands are too rich for Bayern, where the new manager sold him anyway and for the 2 Spanish Giants are not interested in the least. PSG is an option possibly but not what the player had in mind.
  • The new season begins and his worried boss changes the team set up, putting the player’s mate Alexis up front and tells the player he is now a true 10 and no longer has to work back.
  • There is early success on the pitch, great goals to celebrate and contract talks a broached again but with a new agenda.
  • Recent form and injuries are impacting the club’s progress, so the boss’s own contract extension won’t be an easy sell and a cunning plan is devised.
  • The Player is told that if he speaks to the press suggesting his contract is not about money but about assurances his boss will be staying, they will make him the highest paid player in the rich history of the club.
  • In addition, they add that they will do the same for his Chilean friend as well – Can’t say fairer than that.

Happy Days 🙂 – Oh unless his Chilean mate fancies China 🙁


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One Response to An 8 Point Mesut Ozil Conspiracy Theory – It may have gone like this…..

  1. Brian Dawes January 10, 2017 at 11:06 am #

    Am totally unimpressed by anyone who can’t put their name to a piece – just makes any thoughts they may have worthless. If you want to be derogatory and make up a story that’s fine, any c**t can do that but if you don’t have the balls to put your name it makes it seriously limp wristed.

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