Arsenal fans are becoming a laughing stock – they need to have a word with themselves

Form is temporary, class is permanent

This applies to the fans as well !!!

I sorry, but we are basically making ourselves look like a bunch of spoilt cnuts and everyone else is taking the bloody piss out of us.




We all preach to the likes of The Spuds and Chelski that we are the club with class, at the moment we just look like a bunch of kids who aren’t getting our own way and are spitting out our privileged dummies.

Nothing will change in the board or the management between now and May, so please, save your protest and angst until then.

The team need all the support they can get, otherwise 6th place is ours.

Unless you are one of those fans that want us to fail, so that your anti Wenger agenda is achieved, then your not a real fan and you should fcuk off now!!!

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