Sadly time for Jack to hit the Road – No Come Back No More?

Pre-Season 16/17 – Last time in Red and White?

Jack (Frost)…no “cold” shoulder, but is it time?

It was the summer solstice a few days ago, which is the longest day of the year. It’s the period of most sunlight, and the greatest exposure the Earth has to the Sun in orbit. Because it was the longest day, the title reminded me of the opposite phenomenon, being the Winter Solstice. Moreover, how Wilshere’s first name is the personification of winter, Jack Frost.

So is it time to show Jack Wilshere the “cold” shoulder?

I think it is.

These are reasons why:


  • World Cup Russia

Whilst we may see Holding, the Ox, Welbz, or maybe Theo if he performs well, in the Russia squad, I believe Wilshere needs regular game time to get back into the England mix. He was lucky to get into the Euro 2016 squad, despite not playing much that season. But now? It’s less likely, and he needs to buck up for his own good. Or at least get regular top-level playing time.

To get back in the England shirt

  • Change

He needs a change of scenery. He’s been at Arsenal in some capacity for over a decade. Maybe he needs a new environment, a new manager, new teammates, and new fans, to urge him on.

This was supposed to be Bournemouth, but it hasn’t materialised. But it can elsewhere. Possibly, it’s that the vibe at Arsenal has got samey for him. Who knows?

  • Career-stage

He’s not a kid anymore. He’s in his mid-20s and he needs to make the best of his career. Now Arsenal is global brand. He plays under a noted (albeit maligned) manager, and with top players, and in a grand stadium in every home game. However, he’s not getting game time. He may not even get in our midfield, as Xhaka is a given, and Ramsey looks like his sidekick.

He needs, with his agent or family, to figure out a new path. I believe this has to be away from Arsenal.

  • Injury


Now, he may be another Diaby. Or for those who recall, Darren Anderton (ex-Spurs player from the 1990s). Anderton used to be called “sicknote” as he was always injured, and Wilshere is a contemporary “sicknote”. He could just have an injury prone body, or it could be our medical staff has mishandled him. Either way, the change of environment as mentioned prior could do him good. It could be, through no fault of the club’s, something in the environment that doesn’t do Jack well. Is it the pitch (again in good faith)? Is it the food? It could be anything.

If looking at his scenario, it’s like a person who is in a firm, with a good/supportive manager, but with a reduced workload. He knows the environment is a good one, and some of his workmates are world class in their roles (Alexis?), but he knows he may not excel there and his career needs a new path.

So, have we seen the last of Jack? I hope we have.

And no, that’s not meant negatively.

I like him. He clearly gets the rivalry between us and that lot. He’s won as many FA Cups as Spurs have in over 30 years, so that’s all well and good.

But as a player of talent, he’s not utilising his talent effectively.

Change is something to be embraced, and not feared. He needs in my mind to seek a new horizon, for the sake of himself and his career.

Time to wave goodbye

Newcastle is a big club, with a premier league set-up if managed properly. West Ham could be similar, or a Palace, West Brom, or even an Everton. As a wildcard, I believe a move abroad, possibly to a top Italian team (Roma) or Germany (RB Leipzig), or in Spain (Valencia, Sevilla, Atletico) could suit him also, as they are teams used to competing in their leagues and at European levels, as he has with us.

This may not serve some fans well, and that’s fine, we all have different views. But Jack has in my mind lived his time at Arsenal.

The late Ray Charles sang a piece called “Hit the road Jack”. Well he may hit the road soon, but I won’t say “don’t you back come no more…” If we win something next season, I hope he tweets how Tottenham is synonymous with shit.

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2 Responses to Sadly time for Jack to hit the Road – No Come Back No More?

  1. Olokoplenty June 23, 2017 at 8:13 am #

    If jack left my best a gone,,i like him with passion infant with everything, ,carring arsenal team for his heart so much, ,i wich you we captain us oneday,,so sad for me to miss you,,,love jack an I missed you,,if is happened like that,,,? My jack

  2. Olokoplenty June 23, 2017 at 8:25 am #

    I hope you stay here with us , my jack, I love his pattern of playing, ,no fear atitude on his mind, always playing well but injuries let see my player, as liability someone,, well all is well, ,i hope your star shine like diamond @ anywhere you go,,,? Well let just knw were you are heading to ? I’m always love to watch your game, ,bye jack

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