Suffering Arsenal: is Gooner Apathy Cruel or Merciful Release?

ApathyCruelty or mercy?

During J.K. Rowling’s recent BBC TV adaptation of her book Strike: A Cuckoo’s Calling, there was a line that sums up many an Arsenal fan’s plight right now. As the one legged Private Detective Cormoran Strike drunkenly lamented a story to his secretary about how he lost his leg at war in Afghanistan, he also tells of a child who stood over him, just after the explosion, with a gun.


“Cruelty or mercy?” Strike says.
“Hmm?” His secretary replied.
Strike says, “A kid with a gun, he could have shot me after the explosion, but he looked at my leg and just…winked…”
The secretary says, “Maybe a bit of both?”
“Maybe so…” Strike concludes.

Indeed “Maybe so…” seems to be the common response of supporting Arsenal these days, as the fan base endures a Hobsons’ choice of supporting a football club that beguiles and betrays in equal measure. It feels almost cruel watching Arsenal right now, an Arsenal being run with such incompetence and arrogance, it feels almost merciful to ones self to give way to apathy or ambivalence.

There are so many problems at Arsenal, that slating players for lack of the correct body language is ove-simplifying things by far. That said – a bit of teamwork and effort wouldn’t go amiss on a rainy cold night, as fans come to see you.

Ozil Wright

Player v Legend

Firstly you have a notoriously anonymous owner who only owns sports teams for the profits, then you have a legendary manager besmirching his legacy on a weekly basis, not to mention myriads of fans extravagantly slagging off their team merely, it seems, to gain notoriety or status. Following this weekend we now have infighting between the current players and ex-pro’s who have differing ideas about what it means to be a loyal, dignified ex-player.

Oh! …did I mention Arsenal have only 3 points from a possible 9?

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The response has been quite different from last year; last year many fans saw hope due to Arsene Wenger’s contract running out in the summer, it seemed like a ray of light for change. Could Arsenal replace Wenger with a new manager, possibly Thomas Tuchel? Sadly no – following the FA cup win, Wenger relented and renewed his contract with the support of owner, Enos Stan Kroenke.

With all this said, there seems no hope for change now at Arsenal, so many seem to have accepted their fate and are just supporting Arsenal for the sake of loyalty in place of hopes of success or even effort from the team to repay such loyalt in

Is this mercy to ones self? Or Cruelty? Time will tell by the end of the season if it’s even insanity.

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One Response to Suffering Arsenal: is Gooner Apathy Cruel or Merciful Release?

  1. Lawrence Goodrum October 25, 2017 at 2:28 pm #

    Great article James!

    It sums up exactly how I feel at the moment when it comes to the club we all so dearly love.

    I recall the day the letter arrived, after 15 years of waiting I had my own Season Ticket. I had the move to the Emirates to thank for this I guess but oh how the club has changed since the days of Highbury. Season ticket in hand I turned up at the emirates to struggling to contain my excitement of having my own seat for what turned out to be the second season at the emirates (2007/08 season). I ended up having the season ticket for three seasons as £1,300 each year was not something i could sustain for the foreseeable future.

    10 years have passed since I took my seat at the emirates and there I was last night sitting in the North Bank in the league Cup tie against a well organised and in my opinion the better side for 85 minutes. I couldn’t help but realise how my feelings toward the club had changed in the past 10 years.

    Don’t get me wrong I still love the club and always will, but I have lost something that was there all those years ago. We all know that when you do the same thing over and over again and expect different results it’s a sign for change. I look back over the last 10 years and nothing has changed whether that be on the pitch or off.

    On the pitch we are still terrible without the ball, with the same mentality of you score 3 and were score 4 and lets face it recruitment in that period has also left a lot to be desired. We all remember that famous picture of the Ox, Jenkinson, Wilshere, Gibbs and Ramsey and lets face it none of them really kicked on. Off the field player contracts STILL are left to run until their final year just like we did with Van Persie and Nasri from memory.

    If you are a top player and you see Sanchez and Ozil leaving Arsenal why on earth would you sign for them with other European Clubs in for you. Yes i am talking to you Thomas Lemar!

    As much as I have Wenger to thank for the years at Highbury I feel he also has a part to play in my apathy towards the club I love.

    So it’s a thanks Mr Wenger but please give me that something i had all those years ago for my beloved Arsenal!

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