Ozil Has Downed Tools and Xhaka Regressing


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From match-day to match-day there are certain individuals in the Arsenal team whose performance leaves them standing head and shoulders above the rest. The ones whose blood, sweat and tears are shed to ensure the team wins or at least makes a good attempt doing that. This weekly feature is going to make an attempt at picking the best player from each phase of play; DEFENCE, MIDFIELD and ATTACK. A simple, uncluttered review of the top players in each phase, with a shout to notable mentions in each phase, if there are any.


P.S: Here’s to hoping we do not have any match-days like we did against Liverpool, when there was no player worthy of praise. J



HA HA! How was that for a crash landing? No one knows how to that better than the fellas from the red part of North London led by the Genius leader Arsene Wenger. It really has been sad for a while now to be a Gunner, but yesterday was just foul, with insult added to injury literally with the words of felon Troy Deeney.

The team sheet when I first saw it struck a nerve in me. I said to myself, wow, this does not seem like it can instill fear in anyone and from the go, Watford epitomized that fact. They played like a team on a good run of form with discipline and heart… and we moved the ball from sideways to sideways as usual, like a bunch of cowards.

That is basically what the Arsenal that we love and support has been turned to, a bunch of cowards who cannot take multiple hits to the chin and worst of all cannot even dish it back if need be. Nobody in an Arsenal jersey bar Petr Cech who must be ruing coming to Arsenal and flashes from Lacazette, who clearly now seems to be lacking in confidence due to our manager subbing him off always. He makes runs as smart as Morata but unlike the service the Spaniard receives from Fabregas we have Xhaka in the middle of the park who has become so comfortable and complacent in his place, his level of play has hugely regressed.

Too comfortable

Alex Iwobi when it seems he is going to stake a claim for a permanent place in the team also regresses back to the mean of Arsenal youngsters recently. It could have been fatigue, it could have been overconfidence from taking his nation o the World Cup but can’t this young man ever put his laces through a shot?! My Days!

You know the German we have been hollering about recently, I suggest we just stop. The man has downed tools which is clear now, and I believe we should stop wasting time talking about people who do not want to join in the fight for the club paying huge wages to them. To hell with him and his ‘downed tools’ ilk.

Mesut Down tools? (Credit Steve Pattison, PA)

This club really needs a shakeup. But we have said this for far too long. It has been a very tiring and painful couple of years watching this team, and trust me it’s been the same team for the last decade just different characters, there is nothing to do now but to put all my hope in a safe, because Arsenal clearly does not deserve it. Nobody yesterday over 90 minutes, again arguably bar Petr Cech, played like they want to win something at the end of the season for these teeming supporters who travel to Belarus, Turkey and all over the continent to cheer them on. And one last thing, players ultimately channel the personality of their manager, so what does that tell us about you Mr. Professor and your bunch of sympathizers!!??!

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One Response to Ozil Has Downed Tools and Xhaka Regressing

  1. Me October 15, 2017 at 12:15 pm #

    I’m sorry.
    I don’t see any difference between Ozil downing his tools and Ozil working hard for the team.
    Drop him from the squad and let him go – he offers nothing to Arsenal.
    I just wish that Wenger would see the light and leave.
    Arsenal are regressing not progressing.
    Going stagnant and fading away.
    God I wish he would just go…

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