Arsenal need a Catalyst to Change their ‘Cajones’ and so much more

I fear for our club….and for reasons people WON’T like cited….

Disrespectful yes, wrong no

The defeat to Watford for me at least was not a surprise.

Deeney was right, if not disrespectful. We did lack the cajones in that game, and Watford did sense it. Everybody senses it these days.

However, there is a club which is showing us and others how to progress.

Yes, they haven’t won shit since 2008, nor a decent trophy since 1991. They’re not, unlike us, a global brand. And they boast about their soon bigger ground, but not about their far smaller trophy haul.

Now, people naturally won’t like this comparison to Tottenham. But let’s be honest, there is a template as to why they are consistent these days, and we are not:

  • Strong owner

Levy is the junior owner of that lot, with Joe Lewis the senior owner. But then Levy, despite being a Scrooge, has formulated a plan to make Spurs a Champions League reaching club. This also includes his inane boasts of how his ground “will have stands far closer to the pitch” and related nonsense.

  • Manager with spark

Wenger, despite his contemporary failings, still wins things. Pochettino hasn’t. But then he is younger, and possibly hungrier, and more tactically able. This is a key asset in the Premier League these days. Wenger is looking to adapt, but Pochettino is certainly worthy of his up and coming status. Sans trophies of course (though he shouldn’t be so choosy and dismissive of the FA Cup, considering his club’s recent “trophy laden” history……)

  • Facilities

Tottenham’s ultimate benchmark is us, and they have mirrored us in terms of their new ground’s facilities. Apparently, they will have a micro-brewery in it, which will possibly stop from them bottling it every season. But they realise that a large ground with additional revenue sources is key in football today, and are using our ground as a template.

Other clubs, like Man City, are similar:

  • High revenues. City earns a lot via Qatari commercial deals.


  • Top manager, as Pep is arguably the best manager in the world.


  • Top facilities. Their youth set-up is much maligned, though it’s possible that with Pep there for the long-term, this will change. In facilities alone, their youth set-up is world-class.


  • Great players. Aguero, de Bruyne, Silva, Jesus, Toure, etc. are all examples of top talent, which is why they currently lead the Premier League.

Managers with a Spark

We all despise Spurs, and don’t approve of City’s money-laden strategy. But they are both showing the way forward, in ensuring that all critical points of their club are well-aligned.

This is something we need to do, as I do fear for us in the near future.

This may seem alarmist, but then I can see this happening without any real impetus (catalyst?) for change:

  • 5th/6th/7th place league finishes at best
  • Cup wins
  • Sporadic hardy performances against top teams, and then losing badly the rest of the time to good and poor teams.

Does this sound familiar, since we’re already there? Well, we may have to expect more of the same.

It may seem down, but then it’s pretty much where we are currently.

We need to change, and soon, and not cite we need catalyst for change, and ultimately do nothing…..

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