Nabil Fekir: Luxury or Necessity?


The atmosphere around the Arsenal this season has been a strange one, with the current contract issues facing our two biggest players and with more to come in on their deals. It has been a mixed bag for both when they have been played and more so for Alexis Sanchez who clearly looks like he has had his turned, especially by the City offer from the tail end of last summer’s transfer market.

It has hampered the team in so many ways especially as it has made it difficult for the manager to decide whether to start Sanchez and or Ozil, who can affect a game positively for you when they are on song or to start arguably less talented but more industrious and hardworking players such as Welbeck, Iwobi and Wilshere in the two slots behind whomever starts as striker.

Ozil once or twice has sparkled when started but goes missing from games when he is actually MOST needed. Sanchez has not even threatened to flicker yet and seems to be mentally waiting for the calendar to switch to January so a move could be made away from the club which made him top dog and gave him his most successful period as a player.

It may seem all doom and gloom with the possible loss of two top class players but this is the Arsenal and no player is bigger than the name and crest on the front of the shirt. As such, only players who are passionate about the club and the fans whilst also having an ability should feature for the team and currently in France, from where we nabbed arguably one of Ligue 1’s best strikers in the last 2 years or so, one man who may be a fan of our club and is making waves across the channel may be on his way over.

Fekir scoring from free kick

Nabil Fekir according to reports from today has almost agreed a deal to join the Arsenal in the summer. Whilst this is Arsenal and every such rumor must be treated with tons of grains of salt, there may be some truth to this report as the father of Nabil recently stated emphatically that the only team his son would leave Lyon for is Arsenal.

As a replacement for either Sanchez or Ozil, Nabil seems almost perfect. After returning from a serious injury last year, he has been setting the French Ligue 1 on fire with his fantastic displays. He currently shares the record for most goals (11) scored in the first 12 games of the season with someone supposedly chased by Arsenal for years, Karim Benzema. Mind you, he is not a striker but is a playmaker, yet unlike Ozil he has a terrific eye for goal and has notched 12 already this season. He also has four assists thus far and whilst he may not be as prolific as Ozil in terms of chalking up assists we must all admit the Ozil experiment has largely failed, a topic for another day.

We have carried the German for several games over several seasons, and while the number of chances created by him may point to the fact that we have had wasteful strikers unlike Man City, his countenance and attitude during matches as well as his application without the ball call for us to get a player more direct and one who is not afraid to go into a tackle or to simply chase down the ball. Fekir – whilst not as creative as Ozil – still does well in that category, notching almost 30 since 2014.

Lacazette and Fekir

Lacazette and Fekir at Lyon

He is also a master of the free kick and scores outrageous goals for fun from those efforts. Nabil also plied his trade with current Arsenal lead striker (who cannot finish a match), Lacazette, and they shared a wonderful understanding between them which could be replicated on the beautiful turf of the Emirates, to help bring out of Alexander his utmost best form.

Nabil may still seem unpolished or fully formed, but I would pick him over any player who seems himself to be above the crest and all who support it. He certainly looks like he will fit right in at Arsenal and will bring on board his skill sets which are different from what we currently have to help push the club forward.

Check out the video below for some Fekir highlights:

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