Exclusive Interview/Scouting Report on Arsenal target Hirving Lozano

Will the Premier league be Child’s play for “Chucky”?

Mexican Poster Boy to Arsenal?e

Away days may never be the same again for the Arsenal players, if the rumours are to be believed and the club sign Mexican winger Hirving “Chucky” Lozano. “Chucky” the nickname Lozano received from his former Pachuca team mates because of his urge for jumping out from under beds to surprise them.

With a horror film nickname I spoke to North American football expert and Sportset, These Football times, author Peter Galindo, to find out if it’s the rest of the Premier League who should be more scared.

 Ok so Hirving Lozano, tell us a bit about him, how long you have known him and what is the perception of him in Mexican football?

I first heard about Lozano in 2014 when he was coming through at Pachuca as a 19-year-old. Given the club’s reputation for developing quality youngsters, he piqued my interest. If I had to come up with a concise description of Lozano, I would say he is a small, tricky and quick winger who is devastating in open space, which has been apparent at PSV, and in select games with Mexico. His perception, especially now, is that he truly is the poster boy for the post-Chicharito generation. The fact he’s taken to Europe like a fish to water is incredibly promising, because he needed a change of scenery to improve himself as a footballer, and he’s settled well, which is encouraging.

Poster boy for the post-Chicharito generation

Since his transfer to PSV Lozano has been setting the league on fire, what do you think the reasons behind that are?

I think Lozano has been keen on Europe for a year, and he embraces the pressure wherever he goes, so that mentality has definitely helped him settle in Holland. But the fact he’s been given creative freedom at PSV is a huge help as well. He might suffer a brief decline in form because Lozano is playing at such an incredible level at the moment, but we shall see what happens.

Alexis Replacement?

Finally ,Arsenal have been linked with “Chucky” as a replacement for Alexis Sanchez, what kind of player would they be getting and would he be able to fill those shoes?

I think Lozano has similar traits to Sanchez. He’s quick, he’s a great dribbler and has a great eye for goal. Therefore, he’s an ideal replacement. If he does make the jump to the Premier League, many will probably wonder if Lozano can handle the physicality. He was one of Liga MX’s most-fouled players and he took some rough tackles. That makes him almost tailor-made for England.

The man action so far this season for PSV – 9 League and 9 goals to date.

Many Fans might prefer Lemar, Forsberg or Fekir I am sure but night also prefer Lozano to Zaha. Keen to hear your thoughts

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