Carlo Ancelotti – Unfinished Premier League Business with a point to prove to Chelsea – YES Please!

Carlo or no?

I say yes.

Arsenal’s next Manager?

There have been rumours, and yes just rumours, that the club wants Carlo Ancelotti to replace Wenger. Some outlets even suggest a deal is agreed With the Italian

I’ve often said, to the mirth of Mr. Seager it must be said, that I want him to replace Wenger.

Granted, he is aging now, but still has a few years left at the top level. And he did get “ousted” at Bayern (despite winning the Bundesliga). However, Mourinho got ousted by his own players at Chelsea, but could very well get them back to a decent level eventually. So we cannot really hold that against him.

Still, I believe he could be excellent for us:

  • Knows the Premier League

He has won it after all, with a double no less. Yes, we don’t have Chelsea’s resources. Nonetheless, we’re hardly cash-strapped, and with a club of a greater stature could do the same.

PL Winner with CFC

  • Is a serial winner

He’s an older Pep or Mourinho. He wins at every big club he goes to, whether major or minor trophies. He’s done it at AC Milan, Chelsea, Real Madrid, and Bayern. Surely he is primed to do it here too.

  • Could get revenge on Chelsea

There are rumours and conjecture that he was fired by Chelsea in the tunnel post-match. This is never something that Arsenal would do, and at a club of a bigger stature, he could get the ultimate revenge on them.

  • Can attract big players

Wenger’s reputation, despite recent failings, is still high. Though Ancelotti’s, as a manager who has won multiple leagues in various countries (and Champions Leagues to boot), then surely he can attract players too.

Yes, we’re in London. And is a global brand in our own right. So these are other attractants here. But then with a boss manager, it would be the icing on an already stacked cake. Coupled with the hiring of Sanhelli and Mislintat, this can aid us in getting the best.

  • Infrastructure

Our stadium is top-notch, despite being 11 years old. Our training facilities have been updated, and remain second to none globally. Our revenues consistently are amongst the highest in the world, and we hold a prime global brand and fan base. Ancelotti needs this to succeed, and we hold these in abundance. We’re one of few clubs in England, nay the world, which he could come in and be content at. And City, Chelsea, United, and possibly Liverpool, all have managers who are valued by their fans and hierarchies. Spurs could be in the future, though for now will be restricted due to their stadium.

  • Tactical nous

Ancelotti’s teams have played good football. But for me the major reason he could be stellar for us, bar his renown, is his tactical approach. He is noted for being able to map out games, and formulate plans and related items to win, and win big.

Master tactician

Wenger is attempting to do this in 17/18, though we know it’s been a major failing in recent times. With managers with related traits, such as Guardiola, Mourinho, Conte, and Pochettino, we need this in order to compete. We possess the players with the ability and intelligence to do this. However, with better tactical discipline, we can get the results we desire.

With players we possess now, we would be top four with a more consistent tactical display.

  • Respects Wenger and Arsenal

Wenger is respected by many in the game, including the other “super managers” of contemporary global football. Pep, Klopp, Allegri, Conte, etc. have all issued high praise on Wenger in recent months and years. Ancelotti is another, and has even defended Wenger and expressed sympathy for him when he demolished us 10-2 in the Champions League.

Respects Arsenal and Arsene

He also likes us as a club. He knows we’re a global brand that is under-performing, and respects us for our good football and positive values. It could be the near piece de resistance of his long and distinguished career. A certain current US President said he wanted to make America great again. Could Ancelotti make Arsenal great again? Who knows?

He does indeed respect Arsenal, and we do possess the tools, infrastructure, global name, and money, to help him do so.

There are some potential drawbacks, such as:

  • Age

He is nearly 60 now, but then managers of extremely long tenure (like Wenger) are not common in the modern game. Wenger may well be the last long-serving manager, of a major club at the least, for a while. The new normal would be managers serving two to three year stints, and I’d happily take that if he came.

  • Short tenure

This references the point above somewhat, but then we must all adapt to the times prevailing. There is a reason why there are few managers of extended presence at clubs now, and it’s due to the greater pressures and rewards apparent. There is no major club that does not have managers of short tenure, as Bayern, Real Madrid, Barca, PSG, Man United, Chelsea, Liverpool, Juve, and AC Milan, have all changed managers multiple times in the last few years. These are clubs we see ourselves, and rightly so, as equal too, so we need to join the club.

  • Getting sacked at Bayern

Managers are allowed faults and aberrations. However, it should be noted he did achieve success at Bayern, and we don’t know the full circumstances for his departure. A manager of his renown and success should be given full scope to “make us great again”.

So, yes, it may just be speculation. Possibly some content editor made it up to get hits on his or her site, or followers on social media.

But Ancelotti is somebody I’ve respected for a long time, and like Pep was a good player as much as a great manager. As The Arsenal, we need somebody of his stature and attainment to help us utilise our resources most effectively.

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