Arsenal Fan TV blasts criticism: “We’re the same as podcasts, we just show our faces”

Arsenal Fan TV star, Troopz

Arsenal Fan TV star, Troopz

Arsenal Fan TV personality Troopz has defended fan channels, questioning why they are considered so different to podcasts.

Over the last few months, Arsenal Fan TV has received criticism for fans benefiting from their team doing poorly and, in a sense, feeding off negative performance for more views.

Troopz – one of the most outspoken people on the channel – understands that criticism comes with his new found fame, but doesn’t understand why he isn’t praised more for standing by his opinions.

During what has been a disastrous campaign for his team, Troopz told AskFans TV: “I don’t know why Arsenal Fan TV gets the most heat – maybe it’s because we get the most views.

“A lot of people have podcasts online, but don’t show their faces on the podcasts, and have issues with fan channels.

“What’s the difference between podcasts and fan channels? You’re both online giving your opinion it’s just I show my face and you don’t.”

The Gunners fan then spoke about his dealings with Hector Bellerin. The Arsenal defender appeared to criticise Troopz and co for their negative attitudes, something which put the spotlight firmly on ArsenalFanTV.

Troopz says that he has been honest to Bellerin’s face before though and will never hide behind his opinions, no matter how much they may upset people.

He continued: “If you’re performing, I’m giving my analysis – I can’t lie.

“It does [make it harder to criticise players after meeting them in person]. When I met Bellerin last season the first thing he said to me was ‘you’re not going to rant are you?’ because we drew 0-0 with Boro at home.

“I said to him no, no, no. Furthermore – it’s your lot’s fault that we drew today. He [Arsene Wenger] put out the right team but you lot bottled it – but anyways let’s get a picture and I took the picture.”

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