For Arsenal’s sake, Sven and Thomas need to kiss and make up

Discipline Arsenal need

No this isn’t a chapter heading of a Sven Goren Eriksson autobiography, where somehow he falls out of love for a randomly named blue train. This is about current Arsenal chief scout Sven Minislat and former Borussia Dortmund head coach Thomas Tuchel’s rather public falling out that dates back to January 2016.

The falling out, to the non-versed in German football soap opera, as I say started January 2016, while both men were working for Dortmund, when Tuchel and Minislat had a row over the signing of Oliver Torres from Atletico Madrid, a player the scout holds in very high regard. Tuchel however disagreed with such an assessment and the two clashed heavily in a row that resulted in Torres joining FC Porto instead of Dortmund.

Break down over Torres

In October 2016 Tuchel took exception to Minislat’s presence on the training ground. Sven was thus banned from the training ground and given instructions he says to keep away from “the inner circle” which consisted of players and staff members that he considered friends.

Following leaving Dortmund for Arsenal, Sven cites the training ground ban as one of the main reasons for leaving the German team. This power play from the near control freak disciplinarian Tuchel really left a bad taste in Minislat’s mouth, the two clashing though didn’t end there sadly.

Transfer disagreements continued to strike a nerve between the two men as a number of high profile players were sold and then in January 2017 there was the signing of Swedish striker Aleksander Isak, a player who Tuchel claims he’d never seen play.

So with all these disagreements it resulted in Tuchel leaving last May, following clashing with Dortmund board members and Sven being announced as Arsenal’s new head of recruitment last November.

After all of this, the obvious question is why do Arsenal need them to make up? Well during Tuchel’s time at Dortmund he showed himself to be one of the finest young mangers in Europe. Where Arsenal currently lack detailed training and tactics, Tuchel provides it in abundance, where Arsenal lack discipline, Tuchel stamps his foot down on any indiscipline, finally where Arsenal lack character and identity, Thomas Tuchel will bring it and more.

Is TT the man?

Quite simply Arsenal need Thomas Tuchel, football needs Thomas Tuchel but importantly Arsenal need Thomas and Sven to kiss and make up so we can unite a dream team once again to success.

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2 Responses to For Arsenal’s sake, Sven and Thomas need to kiss and make up

  1. Naz March 6, 2018 at 12:28 pm #

    ‘This power play from the near control freak disciplinarian Tuchel really left a bad taste in Minislat’s mouth’

    You wish to go from one control freak to another?

  2. jon fox March 6, 2018 at 12:31 pm #

    For our new manager, above all, I personally want a disciplinarian; one who will not tolerate slackness, combined with REAL coaching credentials and a track record of success at top clubs. Tuchel , appears to fit this need. There are others too, of course, Allegri , Ancellotti, Simeone. Also Conte, but I see no way the regime would have him. Wenger has been found out as an effective non -coach – God alone knows how he passed his coaching badges- and as an arch encourager and tolerator of non -discipline and slackness. This has , consequently , become Wengers trademark, in stark contrast to ALL todays other top rival club managers. We MUST avoid another Wenger type, at all costs, since it is abundantly clear that without passion , desire and will to win in “over my dead body ” style, TALENT ALONE is next to useless.

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