Aaron Ramsey – Welsh Messi or Welsh Mess? World Class Attributes or World Class?

A short piece from me while it is on my mind after three particular conversations on social media about Aaron Ramsey, the ‘Welsh Messi’ – that may give you a clue about who one of the ‘unbiased’ conversations was with 🙂

With Arsenal generally in a state of transition on and off the pitch, the most pressing player situation should be and probably is, securing the extended services of Aaron Ramsey. There is a huge offer on the table and it has been there a while now, that remains unsigned, and trust me the reason he has not picked up his pen is not due to the paucity of the offer.  The Welshman has been offered a huge weekly wage that would make him probably the second highest earner at the club, over a long term, but he like Jack ‘can’t seem to find his a a fore mentioned pen!

Ramsey understandably, sensibly and yes frustratingly, just like you and I is waiting to see the direction for 18/19. Whilst the player owes much to Wenger, he like us, must be wondering if the Frenchman can take him to the next level and Arsenal back to the level he and we fans believe we should aspire to return to. Were I in Ramsey’s shoes, I too would wait to see who will be in charge of Arsenal next season, or at the very least seek confirmation of succession plans.

The media would like is to believe that the player has aspirations to play in Spain and many fans sees to be fearful they are right. From my perspective I would suggest applying logic to those rumours and this is where I may differ from the passionate Ramsey fan.  If he was keen to play in Spain he would presumably be thinking of Real Madrid or Barcelona and put quite simply, in my view, he is not good enough to play for either team. If I am right and neither would be keen on Ramsey, as he is not technically good enough, would the player consider another Spanish side, knowing he would be unlikely to be challenging for honours? I doubt he would, particularly since no other team in Spain could come come to the money on the table in North London.

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Indeed there are arguably only 6 or 7 teams in World football who could match the salary he is being offered at the Emirates and 4 of them are in the Premier League. Even if another English side came in for Ramsey I would like to feel that he would not follow in the footsteps of Adebayor, Nasri, RVP and Alexis but we need to convince him of our project this summer.

So getting back to the comment above that will have annoyed many. Ramsey is not technically good enough for the top 2 in La Liga, nor does he play the game with the ball, swiftly enough.  His passing can be superb but can be wayward and his control can be good also and on other occasions he cannot trap the proverbial bag of cement. For these reasons, for me at least, Ramsey is not an elite of world class footballer. However, he absolutely has elite and world class attribute and elements to his game. These attribute are suited to the Premier League and it is these attributes Wenger, or the next manager has to harness more effectively.

Play to his strengths

Ramsey has an incredible engine, when fully fit and him being fully fit is critical to his game. Sadly he has has so many lay offs and it always takes him a few weeks to get back to his peak fitness ergo peak performance levels.  When fully fit Arsenal need to evolve a way of playing that utilises his attacking attributes and does not rely on his defensive work. His has the fitness to work box to box, without doubt but why create a system of way of playing that relies on it? Where our FA Cup talisman is world class is in his joining of the attack at the right moments and in the timing of his runs, crucially into the right spaces. I don’t mind his penchant for the odd flick or back heel in the opposition’s final third but I do mind it in ours. Let Ramsey play to his strengths and not use a system, or partner/s in midfield that expose his frailties.

As another conversation I had this week reminded me, the structure and effectiveness of any good team has to rely on the on field partnerships. It never seemed to matter in the days where any two from Vieira, Edu, Gilberto or Parlour would do but IF Arsenal want Ramsey to extend and flourish in an exciting new Arsenal, Granit Xhaka is not the partner and nor are Elneny or Wilshere. For Ramsey to be allowed to demonstrate to us all his elite attributes, all of which are in the final third, the new vision has to include a top class, purpose built, disciplined defensive midfielder. Quite obviously that will NOT happen under the current manager and I suspect Aaron Ramsey knows that.

Captain Rambo?

My view is that we should build the team around Ramsey’s attributes and find a way, as Coleman did for Wales and push him further up the pitch. If we are able and willing to do so we may well see the form of 2013/14 again on a consistent basis. If we are not able of willing to do so we will continue to see the player who thrills and frustrates in equal measure. I would go out and buy the best DM we can find, sell Xhaka and Elneny and probably then make Ramsey club Captain – There I said it.


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6 Responses to Aaron Ramsey – Welsh Messi or Welsh Mess? World Class Attributes or World Class?

  1. Matt March 10, 2018 at 9:54 am #

    Why would you build a team around a player that isn’t technically consistent, Coleman’s Wales was built around Bale, using limited resources. Should Arsenal be building around a player not good enough for Top foreign clubs. His injury issues suggest he will only be a squad rotational player and unlikely an ever present rock solid performer. As has been evident for a few years now, Arsenal will offer exaggerated wages to players just to compete instead of paying what they are worth. The club has become fearful of selling when it once out performed everyone at doing so. A decent defensive midfielder (or 2) would be beneficial to the entire team not just Ramsey. The club needs to bring in a bright up coming manager and back what his ideas are, not hand him a squad full of over paid players impossible to shift. What Arsenal are doing at present is prolonging the obvious and much needed rebuild, by refusing to accept that it may take 2-3 years sitting outside of the big picture, the sooner the extent of said rebuild is admitted, the sooner the progress can begin.
    yours truly, Spurs fan.

    • Dave Seager March 10, 2018 at 10:03 am #

      All good observations except at no point did I suggest building a team around him. I said if you want to get the best out of him play to his strengths. Buying an alternative CM partner is hardly building a team around him.

  2. WG March 10, 2018 at 11:15 am #

    Wales would have been in Euro final and maybe won it if Rambo not suspended, makes me sad 🙁

  3. James Simmonds March 10, 2018 at 12:01 pm #

    The Welsh team was build around Ramsey, not Bale that’s why without Ramsey Wales look a completely different side. We had Bale in most games during the WC qualifiers we won the games he didn’t play in and when we didn’t have Ramsey due to injury Wales were poor drawing against poor opposition which cost us. Ramsey is the finely tuned engine that makes all the fancy parts look good by letting them do their jobs and only that. Ramsey is not consistently technical level to Messi or Ronny but people call Alexis world class when he gives the ball away 38 times a match. So Why doesn’t Ramsey deserve a world class title.

  4. Victor Thompson March 10, 2018 at 2:41 pm #

    When he is bad, he is bad. There are times when he cant make a pass and he needs to be taken off but he does stir things up in the middle and he is a potential leader. I believe that with a better coach, his talent and awareness could and should have been improved. He is another one of Wenger`s failures. We have had a conveyor belt of youngsters who did not improve their game under him.

    Ramsey has enough about him to give a new manager something to work with.

  5. Devlin March 11, 2018 at 7:28 am #

    We should not aspire to be the Wales of club football. Ramsey’s best attributes come at the expense of his primary role in the team. We can’t dominate games with him in central midfield because he has no play making abilities. A single defensive midfielder will just turn us into a counter attacking team like Wales. Either he plays on the wing like Saul and Joke, or we let him go. Our midfield has no balance because Ramsey is being forced into the team in a position that he is unable or unwilling to follow instructions for.

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