Arsenal v AC Milan: Eddie! Eddie! Eddie! Chance for Youngster to Shine in Europa 2nd Leg

Arsenal vs AC Milan

Arsenal vs. AC Milan

(Round of 16 – 2nd Leg)

Emirates Stadium – March 15, 2018

Can we learn from the Ostersund second leg game? We’ll see. However, with the international break coming up, why not play with as strong a team as possible? This can be mixed of course with young players, or squad players where required.

I believe we can afford to play Ozil, Mkhi, Kos, etc. without major worries points here. Nonetheless, the major points are:


The Ostersund second leg was about this in many ways. Though, possibly, to our credit we had one eye on the League cup final. Even still, our shape, organisation, and tempo, were way off. And as AC Milan is of a superior quality to Ostersund, we cannot afford to be slack.

It’s imperative that we keep things tight, or we could be punished.

Eddie Eddie Eddie….

Why not start him? The tie is not over but we need to give our youngsters experience. It will also put pressure off the likes of Welbeck, who despite his strong work rate, does not match this with strong finishing.


We should score first and sit.
Yes defending isn’t our forte but Milan need to attack, and score if they are to progress. And if we can get an early goal and retard their progress too, all the better. It may be a case of who scores the first goal. If it’s them, it could be nervy. It it’s us, then we would be surely more comfortable.

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Big guns

Wenger rested some players vs. Watford, since he wanted to avert any likelihood of injury.
So it’s possible we may see Ramsey, Wilshere, and others, coming back.
I don’t know what the Italian for “cojones” is, but some of our players were not on the pitch to see Deeney lack them. I guess they can make up for it, by being fresh enough to beat Milan.


Our new boy (or one of two of course….) has done well in recent games. And he holds the ability to do better here. He seems to be enjoying the comparative freedom of Arsenal, compared to that of Jose/United, and if he can get more assists/goals, then very good.
Much is made of him aiding United in this competition last season, and it seems he could do the same for us. It’s vital that we utilise his acceleration and vision to get the best from him, and our front line.


I’d like him to start, and I believe (despite Cech’s unprecedented penalty save on Sunday) he should be our number one now.
He has his critics, but I believe he is a solid keeper in his own right.


I cannot see us losing this game. A draw would do us well and we can be sure of getting to the quarter-finals.

Let’s show our friends in the borough of Haringey how to beat Italian teams over two legs.

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2 Responses to Arsenal v AC Milan: Eddie! Eddie! Eddie! Chance for Youngster to Shine in Europa 2nd Leg

  1. Silentstan March 15, 2018 at 1:33 pm #

    For crying out loud. First you say have we learned our lessons from Swedish game then say play an inexperienced kid up front. Clearly you didn’t learn any

    • marblehalls tv March 16, 2018 at 10:36 am #

      so you think our issues vs. Ostersund were not attitudinal, but based on playing kids? lol. ok. I beg to differ. I’m just glad we won this game, and deservedly so.

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