Arsenal Manager Selection Does U-Turn, But Gooner Bickering Doesn’t

Can’t we all just get along?

Note – this was written before the announcement that Unai Emery will be our new manager. However, the sentiment expressed still stands.

Unai Emery with the man he is set to replace

Unai Emery with the man he is set to replace

So, even though Unai Emery (the former PSG boss) is now in the frame, Arteta is still the favourite, seemingly.

With widespread reservations on Arteta’s supposed imminent appointment, there are the usual malcontents, trouble-makers, and noisy folk online who are voicing their “angst” towards the club.

Many of these people were very active in airing their hatred towards Wenger. And yes, hatred in this case. I was Wenger Out for some time. Though hatred, in my own view, is too strong given that I’ve never met nor known Arsene Wenger. So it’s wrong to hate him, even though his management did irk me a lot towards the end.

I won’t call out the Arsenal Fan TV mob here. DT, Troopz. Claude, Moh, and others who have expressed a need for Wenger to go have said they all have strong reservations on Arteta, but will support him. They’ve even been charitable on Wenger, with them saying they respect him for what he’s done. Whilst people are entitled to their views, I commend their sentiments here.

However, there are others who….well, it seems there is a continual need for one-up-manship and contention.

Look, I didn’t want Arteta. I don’t think he was a legend per se, but then he was a good player for the club and a welcome addition especially after the 8-2 loss to United. I’d equate him with Stewart Robson as a midfielder; a good player but not a legend really.

But then even if Arteta was our manager, why is there a need for the bitching?

Never happy

Our fan base, at least online, is never really content.

Yes, the Wenger issue was telling. But he’s gone.

And didn’t we want to change?

We’ve got it.

Wenger was not the only issue.

Though the coaches who were problems (e.g. Peyton) are going. And we’re getting new ones who, supposedly, will be more updated and modern.

Arteta is highly inexperienced.

Yes, he could be the next big thing. But then whilst the club is in holistic transition, it’s unbecoming to always be in a hyper state like this.

Arteta can bring us:

  • A fresh approach. Despite being under Pep currently, he is his own man. It could be that he has synthesised footballing influences from Guardiola, Wenger, and his upbringing in Barcelona’s academy, to develop his own unique take.

Image result for pep arteta

  • The players would have a new voice to listen to, especially after many years of Wenger. This alone may spark an impetus.
  • There will be new coaches, adding to the prior point.
  • He could have the skill to sort our defence out.

So then, whilst there are numerous negatives, there could be a few positives.

As for Unai Emery, a new contender for the position, he possibly wasn’t the first choice. Mine was Allegri. However, Arsenal Twitterdom has been highly vitriolic on the Emery thing too.


  • Who cares if he bottled it vs. Barca? Freak results happen. By this logic, Pep is a fraud since he lost to Liverpool in the Champions League, but finished above them in the Premier League by many points. Is Valverde a fraud, since he bottled a lead vs. Roma? What about Allegri (the fans’ favourite for the game, no less)? Juve threw away a lead to Real Madrid. So these superficial analyses are pretty silly.

Bottlejob? Or one of those results?

  • He achieved success with Sevilla, but this doesn’t denigrate his status at Arsenal. Sevilla is like an Everton, or Newcastle, of Spain. A big club in its own right, but not up to the Man United, Liverpool, or Arsenal level. Or City’s for that matter. His league placements there were standard. And what’s more, despite Sevilla being a smaller club than us, their European record is far superior. They’ve won more European trophies than we have, and managed to win the competition we only reached the semis of in this season.
  • If he doesn’t speak good English yet, then this is no issue. We’re not a poor club and can afford an interpreter. Some of the great managers in history have had such. How does one think Mourinho became inspired by the late, great Sir Bobby Robson in coaching and preparation? Mr Poch at our good friends didn’t speak much English when he joined them. It’s not stopped him from “putting the pressure on” and dismissing a trophy central to his club’s history. No Arsenal legend sang “in the cup for Arsenal”, did they? We also have players in the squad who are fluent in both Spanish and English, who can aid him. Bellerin, Monreal, and Ospina are a few who could. And as a man who will receive good remuneration, he can afford his own English tutor if needs be.
  • His time at PSG is not a black mark, since whilst PSG has money, and is far and away the richest club in France, a similar argument of “money” can be made towards Pep, Valrdere, Zidane, Mourinho, as failing and unsuccessful managers. Pep hasn’t won a Champions League since 2011. Mourinho hasn’t won one since 2010. This does not undermine their reputations are false.

Winning this for us will go down very well……

What’s more though is that this bickering highlights negatively on us as fans.

We’ve been stereotyped, and in my mind justifiably, and it seems we can never give things a chance.

It makes us look silly since we as fans don’t know what’s going on. Unless one has inside connections, it’s unlikely one has inside knowledge of goings-on.

This barracking of the new appointment only seeks to promote those with agendas, and those who want to prove they’re right on Twitter.

I believe the issue is that for these people, it’s an opportunity to vent ego as much as reasoned opinion. It’s a matter of trying to suggest not only are they right, but to suggest that their view needs to be promoted.



And whilst all kinds of people will use social media, we need to be mindful of this. The enemies of Arsenal will, and do, use this as bait and ammunition to attack us. The press does not have a special agenda against us. Well, they do, but not in the way people feel. The agenda is based on our scale and scope as a club, and our willingness to engage on social media. There is a reason why we get disproportionate media coverage. I think it’s a case of “how the mighty have fallen” since many remember our glory days under Wenger. But it’s also a case of what trends well, as well as hits, exposure, reach, and engagement. A story on how we were doing so badly under Wenger, or if Ramsey will stay, is news for this reason. We’re not the biggest club out there. Man U has more fans than we do, but then their online presence is not as vociferous and reactive (nor emotive) as ours. They are and will be big news, but ours can be triggered in specific ways.

By bickering, or trying to start fights, we only give the media what they want. And for every message we send, they don’t care. Their Adwords campaigns are meeting targets, and they’re getting more Adsense revenue. Would you care in this instance? I wouldn’t….

We wanted change. We’ve got it.

Why not have changes amongst us fans? There is no reason to deride everything the club does.

There is a need to move beyond the egos, and try and have some kind of united front.

Part 2 will focus on how Emery will or can (hopefully) better our team post-Wenger. Many of the points above will be expanded on, as well as new ones raised.

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