How far can the World Cup Gunners go in Russia?

Arsenal’s World Cup players – How well can our players do in the coming World Cup?


Maligned by some of us, but still a World Champion nonetheless.


Whilst we may not have as many World Cup players as in previous tournaments, it’s interesting to see nonetheless how well they can do

With the addition of Lichtsteiner, we have an additional player in the World Cup (and a teammate of Xhaka’s of course). But can Switzerland boss it?


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Can Welbz help England to glory? Will Jack’s absence cost England?
Can Elneny do bits for Egypt? Or will Ozil be a back to back World Champion?


Group A


Elneny and Egypt are here, and I think he will play a similar role like at Arsenal. However, with Salah half-fit but in the squad post-CL final, his country’s success may be dependent on how well he does and how fit he is to play.

PROGRESS – 3rd place in the group. 2nd place/Round of 16 at best

Group B

Monreal is in his national team here, with Spain. He may be a squad player but could play a role in helping them out of the group, and above their Iberian neighbours Portugal. How well Spain do, and potentially as a latter-stage participant, could be dependent on their squad strength.

Progress – Semis, potential finalists/winners.


Group D


Alex Iwobi did well vs. England in a friendly lately. And he often plays better for his country than us. Nigeria has many good players, and their success could be rooted in how well they gel.

Progress – Round of 16/quarter final


Group E


Switzerland has both Xhaka and Lichtsteiner as aforementioned, and Xhaka’s role as a deep-lying playmaker can help them. Lichsteiner’s experience is another boon for them.

Progress – Round of 16

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Joel Campbell is still technically an Arsenal player, though Costa Rica is not as strong as in the last World Cup (where they finished above England in the group stage).

Progress – Round of 16
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Group F


Mesut Ozil is out to retain the World Cup, and win his country a 5th World title. And he has a very good chance of doing such. Sane may be out, but his country has quality all over the pitch.

Progress – potential winners

Group G


Welbeck is our only player for England, and he can be a good option if we need more firepower other than Kane, Sterling, Vardy, and Rashford. He does have a better strike rate for his country than for his club if truth be known in a recent interview he has stated he is hungry for more success in the national team.

However, bar Kane, there are few world-class players. Sterling may qualify at a stretch, though other than this it’s poor on that front. In my mind, this will cost us.

Progress – Quarter-finals. Semi-finals at best. 


Group H

Image result for ospina colombia



Ospina has a mixed view amongst Gooners, but he is Colombia’s number one keeper.

And he has a good chance to qualify from Group H.

Colombia could be a potential dark horse, and he may well face Welbz in the later stage.

Progress – Quarter-finals 


My own hunch suggests Brazil will win it. And if they don’t, then Germany, Spain, Argentina, or France will be close runners. Of course you will have your own thoughts and you can track the top contenders for the 2018 World Cup  here.

Nonetheless, as an Englishman, I will be cheering on England and Welbz of course.

Though if England play Colombia in the Round of 16, I won’t have any split allegiances, and Ospina will have to concede defeat….

I wish all of our players well in the tournament, and that if England doesn’t do well, Ozil can retain it. Yes, that’s right, I’m English and I’m giving good vibes to Germany (an abominable standpoint, I know, so sue me…..haha….)



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  1. Alex Field June 11, 2018 at 7:17 pm #

    The sooner they all come home the better imho emery has a lot of bloody work to do with them all after the mess le twonk left behind the senile old goat

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